On The Bench Ep147

Shelf Queens.

Shelf queens, dancing queens, Queens we like a lot. I enjoyed listening to this episode from the boys down under (sans Julian) as they talk about shelf queens. And speaking of Julian, here’s hoping that by this time he’s feeling better. I did notice that the episode was noticeably shorter and I attribute the missing time directly to his ostentation-less erudite nature.

Having listened to the episode I had to go not only my closet stash but even the display case for potential shelf queens. I never really thought of my having any shelf queens but rather only builds in suspended animation. I find it easier to put a kit on pause in the box so that I don’t have the guilt of distraction (the Ma.K Friedrich and the Hobby Boss P-38). Several other of my builds really only lack a few minor details (a bit of trim to chrome and the wooden bed to paint on the ’55 Ford Pickup) or the half finished B-58 Hustler. Okay, that last one has a bit more than a few fiddly bits to go but in my defense I built the same kit for the mythical “Bull’s Eye” S.E.A. scheme. This one in the box was really only for spare parts but I thought I might try finishing it someday with the raised panel lines intact. The Chinook gunship is finished but needs the Marsden mat painted and the Stuart needs an antenna. And a base. And stowage. And maybe a little mud. The only one I truly consider a shelf queen is the Hasegawa F-86 Sabre I did nearly eight years ago when I first started back into the hobby. I had no idea how to do decals properly, fill seams, nor did I have an airbrush at the time. In fact, I didn’t even know airbrushes were a thing. Now it sits prominently in my case as a reminder of how far I’ve come in modeling. Enough of the chit-chat.

On The Bench Ep147.

As mentioned earlier Julian was under the weather (or should that be above the weather as they are down under?) for this episode but Dave and Ian soldiered on and did a bang up job. Ian continues with the Vargus French Laffley, lost a Predator’s tooth and by this time started on the Moosaroo IV Arma P-51. Dave, on the other hand, copped the excuse of having a critical mess of a bench yet did just about finished his rocket. Ian bought a ton of brushes while Dave has the incredible shrinking desk.

Moving on to Listener Emails included a rehash of Silica vs Celica, ship and aircraft rigging segment on the show and TV lawyers ramping up with Jim Bates entering the fray! God help us all 😉 Also included was mention of the recent ‘Proposal for modification to current judging process‘ submitted to the IPMS Exec Board about judging at Nationals. My local IPMS club (Palouse Area Modelers) had a brief discussion on it ourselves yesterday and members shared the following:

  • Many judges are judging in categories they know nothing about,
  • construction is an easy way to eliminate and narrow the number of entries,
  • it’s the responsibility of the modeler to let the judge know special information about the model exhibited,
  • no model is ever going to be perfect,
  • and in the end, they are just models (so don’t take yourself too seriously).

Judging experiences were shared and a final suggestion was to have a dedicated judging team for the Nationals that would judge every year to provide availability, consistency and reliability.

The Falcon. The Falcon covers a variety of new and proposed kits covering aircraft, (gasp!) cars, naval and military vehicles.

The final segment covered shelf queens, and were described as something started, then stopped. Dave believes they are an important part of modeling and show that good modelers are intelligent and have the foresight to pause in a build until their skills catch up. For Ian, getting back to a shelf queen is very difficult, whereas Dave is surprised when he pulls it out and realizes how far along it is and how good of a job was done up to that point. Dave also reiterated that modelers with shelf queens are quite clever and understand their limits. For those shelf queens that never make it back on the bench can be recycled into paint mules or donated kits to some other unfortunate, I mean, lucky builder!

Do you have shelf queens? What are your thoughts on them? Let OTB know at onthebench64@gmail.com

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