Plastic Posse Podcast Ep53

Intersecting with the Posse.

Armor vs Airplane. There’s a super VIP hangout for Patreons, Ivan has a new job, the Las Vegas show is done, Salt Lake City Show and Telford are upcoming and the Posse Roll Call start off this episode. After a few Shoutouts and some Listener Feedback, the hosts get down to business with the interview with Jon Bryon. The topic at hand is why is there such a great difference between armor modelers and aircraft modeler where armor modelers seem to be a sharing, caring bunch and aircraft modelers are hyper critical and often tribalistic?

In the interview we get a sense of Jon’s background and why this question so intrigues him. Jon and the hosts discuss the history of each group’s evolution (roughly along the lines of the evolution of the internet) and speculate on how and why this perception seems to persist and how social media has changed the hobby.

This was a fascinating discussion you’ll want to listen to yourself. So head on over to for a link and see if you agree. Also stop by Jon Bryon’s excellent website for some beautiful aircraft model builds. I especially like his Be-4 and Catalina builds!

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