Butt Crumbles


Just Making Conversation S2:Ep20

Airfix Factory Tour. Snow Days! That refrain has lost a bit of meaning now that I’m retired but it does mean a suspension of my normal activities and an opportunity to spend a significant more time at the bench! Tomorrow we are expecting 3-6″. Today, though, I found myself mixing the 40 or so bottlesContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2:Ep20”

ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep46

“Leveling Up” ModelGeek’s Podcast Ep46 (11/26/2022) “Leveling Up! What build or technique changed you as a modeler?” Down their fearless leader, Frilldo, Whitey and Nemo tackle Episode 46 alone with style, grace and banter amongst themselves. They cover things they are working on, what’s breaking in hobby news, new kits that caught their fancy, stuffContinue reading “ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep46”

On The Bench Ep152

“Catching Up” News from the litter box. Mahila and Friedrich got a bit more lashings this evening but I swear, it seems like I take one step forward, only to be two steps back. I tried adding a gentle wash of reddish/purple around the faces but in the end it looked like both were sufferingContinue reading “On The Bench Ep152”