Plastic Posse Podcast Ep64

“Scale Models for Veterans/Models 4 Heroes, Zach Pease & one thing would you improve” Moscow Bench News. Good on you Ivan for catching the 40k bug! As for myself, I picked up a set of Fenrisian Wolves the other day but have yet to break into them. Friday night at Da Momma’s Boyz I tookContinue reading “Plastic Posse Podcast Ep64”

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep63

“Jeremy Moore, Regaining Lost Confidence and Is It Good or Bad to hop Scales/Subjects?” Seattle Bound. Silly me, I thought I could get this quick review done before heading off to the Northwest Scale Modelers Show but someone had other ideas for this morning’s routine (and by that I mean chasing the string). Bags andContinue reading “Plastic Posse Podcast Ep63”

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep62

“Catching up with Uncle Night Shift, Passion For Your Work, Balancing Realism vs Impressionism” Bench Update: Moscow, Idaho. I had a bit of negative modeling this week at the bench. Maybe not really negative but a learning experience nonetheless. I painted the Thunderwolf Cavalry wolves but really didn’t like the way they turned out soContinue reading “Plastic Posse Podcast Ep62”

January 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup

From My Bench. Inspired by a Squidmar Miniatures Youtube video (Painting Space Wolves & Unique Snow Base) I set about starting a base for Friedrich (though not quite finished). This involved creating a depression in the wood base, buying a Blue Angels model kit and cutting it up before embedding it in epoxy to createContinue reading “January 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup”

A Thanksgiving Podcast Smorgasbord 11/24/2022

Moscow Modeling Mews. Last Sunday I sat down at the bench and found myself overwhelmed by all the clutter so I spent the morning clearing, dusting, organizing and putting away several of the in-progress kits. I know some can ignore everything and focus on the model at hand in the midst of a hoarders’ paradise,Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Podcast Smorgasbord 11/24/2022”

Podcast Roundup 11/13/2022

Pew, pew, pew, pew! Well, it looks like another week has flown by and life has conspired to cram more podcasts into it while piling on additional outside activities. As I sit here at the computer there are Old English Christmas Carols playing in the background. Why? Because for the next few weeks I haveContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 11/13/2022”

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep55

“One of THOSE Days” at the bench, and SLC Show Wrap Up. Model, model on the bench, toss in trouble like a wrench. Finishing up my latest build (the Italeri ACH-47A Chinook Gunship) was like that as I tried attaching the model to the base. One fiddly bit after another managed to break off. Antenni,Continue reading “Plastic Posse Podcast Ep55”

Podcast Roundup 10/6/2022

All Your Podcasts are Mine! Seattle, WA “Museum of Flight” Road Trip. Sometimes it’s better to let things slide when something really important comes up – and in this case, reviewing podcasts took a back seat to a trip over to the west side! Back in late September a couple of the guys from myContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 10/6/2022”

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep53

Intersecting with the Posse. Armor vs Airplane. There’s a super VIP hangout for Patreons, Ivan has a new job, the Las Vegas show is done, Salt Lake City Show and Telford are upcoming and the Posse Roll Call start off this episode. After a few Shoutouts and some Listener Feedback, the hosts get down toContinue reading “Plastic Posse Podcast Ep53”