Plastic Model Mojo Ep73

On location at the 2022 MMCL Invitational.

Breaking out the Litter. Bases by Tim this week got off to a good start with my finally getting around to painting up the Marsden Mat for the ACH-47A Chinook Gunship. After consulting my resident Vietnam Helicopter expert (Bob) and doing copious amounts of googling, I settled on a zinc chromate primer overlaid with OD then streaked with dark brown and orange mix. A bit of dry brushing silver completed the easy part. The fly in the ointment was attaching the Chinook to the base as the wheels on the Italeri kit are shit and snap off at the slightest manipulation. I finally was able to pin one wheel and 2-part epoxy the rest. You can bet I won’t be drop testing it any time soon 😉

The second base will be for the Stuart tank. Earlier in the week I visited with Don (from my local IPMS club) get get pointers on making tarps, bedrolls and other stowage from white glue soaked tissues. In the process, he also loaded me up with a base, paper mache (?) and gravel for the Stuart. As our local chapter’s annual show is but a week away, this base will be very, very basic.

All this while being hassled for treats from the snack monster every time I sit down at the bench!

Sometimes it’s a gentle tap, other times it’s the CLAWS!

Plastic Model Mojo Ep73. This episode finds the Mojo hosts just back from their local MMCL Invitational Contest. With the theme of ‘Wars In North Africa, Historic to Modern Day’, it would have been a great way to spend a Saturday if it wasn’t so far away from Moscow, Idaho ;(

High off of the contest, Dave and Mike talk Modeling Fluids, Listener Emails, the 2023 IPMS National in San Marcos, TX, What’s On Their Bench, What Broke Their Wallets and Interviews with Jeff Groves (Inch High Guy) and Stu Cox (MMCL Chair).

Maple flavored Whiskey (Sortilège Original) was the modeling fluid of choice, but in the end, results found it to be a better desert whiskey than a general sipping one.

Listener Emails covered everything from a report from Mojo Agent 002 to finding that Dave and Mike grew up without the benefits of UHF TV channels (always good for the women’s roller derby matches out of Philadelphia). Additionally, several donors of modeling fluid from the recent Nationals in Omaha were identified, Dr Strangebrush went above and beyond in customer service, and the question, “What do you still need to hold in your hand before buying?” were all covered.

From the bench we learn that the Buff mocks Dave and maybe Mike needs jelly beans to work efficiently. That last one was a bit cryptic but you never know. Wallet breaking buys from the recent MMLC show and elsewhere are mentioned with Dave taking a Takcom Pz-1 in the raffle.

The Special Segment, covering interviews has Jeff, Mike and Dave talking to Jeff about kits and his blog (Inch High Guy). Stu “Stug” Cox (MMCL Contest Chair) shared some show statistics (453 models entered) and reported on their streamlined raffle system.

While not as popular as their last episode on nostalgic builds, in all, a very decent episode. Check out a link to it on

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Models From Ukraine Podcast Ep3

Armory Models, Yurek Yackubov, Alexey Belov, and Jose Brito.

While the Cat’s Away. Earlier this week two modeling buddies and I headed up to visit the Historical Flight Foundation in Spokane, WA. Little did I know that there was a P-51B in the collection among the other dozen or so planes from WWII. I was surprised because only that morning had I placed an order from Arma Hobby for their latest release of the P-51B/C, and here was a living, breathing, and yes, flyable P-51B. You can bet I took copious amounts of pictures!

Models From Ukraine Ep3. This is a new podcast whose focus is to feature models and modelers from the Ukraine. Chris Meddings, of Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast fame, found that the ongoing war in Ukraine was slipping in the news and out of the minds and hearts of folks, especially modelers. His purpose in producing this podcast was to keep the war in Ukraine front and center in modelers minds and show support for the Ukraine people and Ukraine businesses, in particular, those associated with the modeling hobby.

In this episode, Chris is joined by Jose Brito (one of the modelers featured in Models For Ukraine Vol 2) in which they discuss new kits and aftermarket products from Ukraine model companies (Kits news), Listener Emails and Interviews with Taras Karabyn and Ilya Sobolev (Armory Models), Yurek Yackubov (Alcohol Ukelele), and Alexa Belov (Proper Plane).

While it’s mind-boggling to think of how many kits are coming out of Ukraine, here are a few highlighted in the episode that struck my fancy. First up, Ace’s GAZ 66b Truck, I’m not sure why but my interest has really ramped up in big military trucks ever since I heard about and bought a Thunder Model Pioneer Schamell. Sure, it still sits unbuilt in my stash but one day! The second model is the upcoming in process ICM “Sally” ( I have to admit the Ju-88A-8 with Paravane cutters looks weird enough for me to buy as well). There were a bunch others and aftermarket products covered and for a complete list check out the episode’s show notes. Both Chris and Jose had high praise for ResKit’s triple ejector racks – so much so, I looked them up just for shits and giggles!

In the interviews we learn a bit about how the war has affected both the businesses and personal lives of Taras Karabyn, Yurek Yackubov, Jose Brito and Alexa Belov. I’m not going to write out a transcript here but will say, you should listen to this episode (and the previous two) if you want to get a real feel for life in a war zone. Listen and you’ll hear how the Ukraine economy is shot, how children need bomb shelters to attend school, how shops are lost to missile attacks and most importantly how you can help support the model businesses and people of Ukraine.

One way to help is to preorder Chris’s new book ‘Models For Ukraine, Vol 2‘. All profits will again be donated for humanitarian aid to the Disaster Emergency Committee in the UK to help the people of Ukraine. The other big way to help is by supporting the model businesses in Ukraine. The episode show notes will list links to them. For my part I ordered the Armor Model’s Fairey Flycatcher today. Wish me luck because I’ve never done rigging! And just to be clear, Chris did not pay me to write this. I personally bought volume 1, support this podcast as a patreon and purchased from Armory Models featured in this episode.

There you go, a new podcast with a purpose. Check it out.

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Ukrainian Model Manufacturers include:
SP Designs
Laser Model Graver

Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep32

“Very Sweary and Balls of Steel, featuring Arma’s Grzegorz Mazurowski”

New kits, old kits, blue kits. I stopped into my local hobby store (Hodgin’s) and picked up the Tamiya M113 ACAV to go along with my M557, the M21 US Halftrack and the AFV M16 MGMC “Meat Chopper”. Yep, my copy of Inside the Armour’s ‘Modelling AFV Armour‘ arrived last week and I “needed” another model to compliment those in the publication. I know most of my kits are Tamiya but the book’s tip, tricks and fantastic photos should work for inspiration! Who knows, Still, I’m heading to Spokane soon and will have to keep an eye out for other AFV armor. As for the blue kit. it was a freebie I got at my local IPMS chapter meeting Sunday. The B-25 Mitchell looked interesting as did the other two free kits I grabbed. Yes, they are old kits but the price was right!

Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep32. The hosts start the episode chatting about what was on their benches recently. Chris dealt with an overspray issue and guest appeared on the latest from Built Sideways, Tracy finished his AFV Scimitar Tank and Will (when he’s not farming f*cks) found he needed to use aluminum cleaner to get paint to stick to an aluminum finish. How best to deal with the new Eduard decals was also discussed by the hosts. The Mail Bag brought Butt Crumbles another 5 minutes of fame while Richard’s question elicited more useful advice on the best brass paint and technique to use on models. And the best is …

The rest of the podcast dealt with two new burrs under the saddle and the main interview with Grzegorz Mazurowski from Arma Hobby.

Burr#1. Crank modeling, or turd flinging contest as Will likened it, involved the issue of unsolicited feedback and the unnecessary flame wars that often result. Some consider any feedback rude and ban it completely, others proffer theirs with down right nastiness and reckless abandonment. The suggestion was to ask first if the person wants feedback, and if so, be diplomatic as there is no reason to be a d*ck!

Burr#2. “People complaining about the cost of kits.” This one got a bit more time and involved little things such as inflation, rising cost of materials, and increased kit quality as probable explanations that folks fail to consider. The questions to really ask yourself are “Is the kit worth the money I’m willing to pay?” Am I comfortable paying the going rate? Is the quality there and justified? Can I afford the price? Would it really be a wise purchase? With higher model kit prices should I expect to work less if I’ve paid more? And really, what is the manufacturer’s responsibility to produce a good product? These questions and more were raised by the hosts.

Grzegorz Mazurowski Interview. Others have interviewed authors, publishers, distributors and celebrity modelers, this is perhaps the first time a mainstream model manufacturer has sat for a podcast interview. Grzegorz, Arma Hobby’s public relations specialist, is mainly involved with upkeep of the company’s social media presence. Grzegorz related his background, company history and intimated that the company views customers as fellow modelers, and not just the “market”. Will (taking the lead) and Grzegorz talked about the selection of subjects, design, mould making, plastic injection and a myriad of other things involved with bringing a quality kit to the market. The company does mostly 1:72 scale but has ventured into 1:48 and will probably do so more in the future. They have many ideas but like most modelers have more ideas than time to execute them! I don’t know if it’s their official motto but Grzegorz related that Arma Hobby doesn’t want to do mediocre things. They want to do it right.

Check out the episode on a podcast app nearest you. If you have trouble figuring out how to listen to podcasts, call in the teenager. They’ll set you straight!

Links to this podcast and more can be found at

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On The Bench Ep147

Shelf Queens.

Shelf queens, dancing queens, Queens we like a lot. I enjoyed listening to this episode from the boys down under (sans Julian) as they talk about shelf queens. And speaking of Julian, here’s hoping that by this time he’s feeling better. I did notice that the episode was noticeably shorter and I attribute the missing time directly to his ostentation-less erudite nature.

Having listened to the episode I had to go not only my closet stash but even the display case for potential shelf queens. I never really thought of my having any shelf queens but rather only builds in suspended animation. I find it easier to put a kit on pause in the box so that I don’t have the guilt of distraction (the Ma.K Friedrich and the Hobby Boss P-38). Several other of my builds really only lack a few minor details (a bit of trim to chrome and the wooden bed to paint on the ’55 Ford Pickup) or the half finished B-58 Hustler. Okay, that last one has a bit more than a few fiddly bits to go but in my defense I built the same kit for the mythical “Bull’s Eye” S.E.A. scheme. This one in the box was really only for spare parts but I thought I might try finishing it someday with the raised panel lines intact. The Chinook gunship is finished but needs the Marsden mat painted and the Stuart needs an antenna. And a base. And stowage. And maybe a little mud. The only one I truly consider a shelf queen is the Hasegawa F-86 Sabre I did nearly eight years ago when I first started back into the hobby. I had no idea how to do decals properly, fill seams, nor did I have an airbrush at the time. In fact, I didn’t even know airbrushes were a thing. Now it sits prominently in my case as a reminder of how far I’ve come in modeling. Enough of the chit-chat.

On The Bench Ep147.

As mentioned earlier Julian was under the weather (or should that be above the weather as they are down under?) for this episode but Dave and Ian soldiered on and did a bang up job. Ian continues with the Vargus French Laffley, lost a Predator’s tooth and by this time started on the Moosaroo IV Arma P-51. Dave, on the other hand, copped the excuse of having a critical mess of a bench yet did just about finished his rocket. Ian bought a ton of brushes while Dave has the incredible shrinking desk.

Moving on to Listener Emails included a rehash of Silica vs Celica, ship and aircraft rigging segment on the show and TV lawyers ramping up with Jim Bates entering the fray! God help us all 😉 Also included was mention of the recent ‘Proposal for modification to current judging process‘ submitted to the IPMS Exec Board about judging at Nationals. My local IPMS club (Palouse Area Modelers) had a brief discussion on it ourselves yesterday and members shared the following:

  • Many judges are judging in categories they know nothing about,
  • construction is an easy way to eliminate and narrow the number of entries,
  • it’s the responsibility of the modeler to let the judge know special information about the model exhibited,
  • no model is ever going to be perfect,
  • and in the end, they are just models (so don’t take yourself too seriously).

Judging experiences were shared and a final suggestion was to have a dedicated judging team for the Nationals that would judge every year to provide availability, consistency and reliability.

The Falcon. The Falcon covers a variety of new and proposed kits covering aircraft, (gasp!) cars, naval and military vehicles.

The final segment covered shelf queens, and were described as something started, then stopped. Dave believes they are an important part of modeling and show that good modelers are intelligent and have the foresight to pause in a build until their skills catch up. For Ian, getting back to a shelf queen is very difficult, whereas Dave is surprised when he pulls it out and realizes how far along it is and how good of a job was done up to that point. Dave also reiterated that modelers with shelf queens are quite clever and understand their limits. For those shelf queens that never make it back on the bench can be recycled into paint mules or donated kits to some other unfortunate, I mean, lucky builder!

Do you have shelf queens? What are your thoughts on them? Let OTB know at

Check out links to this and other podcasts at

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Plastic Posse Podcast Ep53

Intersecting with the Posse.

Armor vs Airplane. There’s a super VIP hangout for Patreons, Ivan has a new job, the Las Vegas show is done, Salt Lake City Show and Telford are upcoming and the Posse Roll Call start off this episode. After a few Shoutouts and some Listener Feedback, the hosts get down to business with the interview with Jon Bryon. The topic at hand is why is there such a great difference between armor modelers and aircraft modeler where armor modelers seem to be a sharing, caring bunch and aircraft modelers are hyper critical and often tribalistic?

In the interview we get a sense of Jon’s background and why this question so intrigues him. Jon and the hosts discuss the history of each group’s evolution (roughly along the lines of the evolution of the internet) and speculate on how and why this perception seems to persist and how social media has changed the hobby.

This was a fascinating discussion you’ll want to listen to yourself. So head on over to for a link and see if you agree. Also stop by Jon Bryon’s excellent website for some beautiful aircraft model builds. I especially like his Be-4 and Catalina builds!

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Just Making Conversation S2Ep15

Workspaces. On your lap or in a purpose built workshop? Where do you do it?

My little spot of modeling nirvana.

What do you need to hand? When is a space too small? Too big? What size is right? Malcolm and James debate the topic of workspaces and how any size can be utilized and provide benefits. It’s not the size of the space, rather it’s working towards the most efficient use of the space. In the mix they talk about the ups and downs of Malcolm’s new modeling shed, toast holders and jiggery.

Find a link to it on Spotify or at

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ModelGeeks Podcast Ep41

“Modeling an Icon” – Interview with Spencer Pollard.

As you can see, my canning moved on to Dilly Carrots. Hey, the are delicious and necessitated a trip to the local farmer’s market. And I’m not sharing.

The ModelGeeks Podcast Ep 41. The Geeks cover their usual gamut of topics including What’s on the bench, 2023 Nats, MiG Killer GB, Mail Call, New Kits, What’ja Buy, Hobby Shop Shoutouts, Tool & Tip and of course, the interview with Spencer Pollard. I enjoyed this episode and especially want to compliment Nemo on his recent “Kate” build. I thought the tan undercoat looked sweet but the finished model – absolutely gorgeous! I also liked the Tip & Tool of the Week. I’ve been using my Army Painter Wet Palette for a while and concur it’s da bomb! I was surprised to hear the Academy A-10 mentioned and remembered that sent me a free A-10 Electronics resin kit when I order folding wing hinges for my Hasegawa S2F Tracker. I really need to get back to that one. Any interview with Spencer Pollard is amazing and this one is no different. I had to laugh at his paint bottle accumulation story. I could really identify. In the interview he talks about his new book ‘Spitfire: Modeling an Icon‘ and future books.

Not surprising, most of the shows mentioned and shoutouts are very east coast centric and given this is where they are it’s not surprising. So, if you’re within spitting distance of the Southern Maryland/Washington DC area check out the shows and shops mentioned but if you’re looking for a new and exciting place to go, let me invite you to North Central Idaho where we have real mountains, wildfires and a model show Oct 1st 😉

Overall, the episode is a good one. Give it a listen.

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Plastic Model Mojo Ep71

Waxing Nostalgic.

My Non-Modeling Sphere. It’s been two weeks since my last review and in that time I’ve spent four days fly fishing on one of my favorite spots near the Idaho-Montana border, canning a bit of wild blackberries into jam and working nearly half that time remotely for a sick acquaintance from my former job. The little modeling I did involved priming my 40K Necrons with black Mr Surfacer and Alclad Chrome. Of course, in the time I was away four new podcasts hit the airwaves and two more arrived just this weekend. So, without too much more foddery-doo, here’s my short PMM’s Ep71 review.

Plastic Model Mojo Ep71. Waxing Nostalgic. Jim Bates joins Mike and Dave for this episode of PMM in which they explore the nuisances of what and why we build kits from our childhood. But before that they share what’s currently on their bench, their respective modeling fluids (hint: none this episode) and wish for a comprehensive list of all they’ve covered (you are welcome 😉), several notes from the mailbag and the interview with Allen Bussy of Old Model Kits. Listening to this took me back to my early high school days and I found myself wondering if I could find another Monogram Badman ’55 Chevy kit to build. Lo and behold eBay came through but looking at the prices I decided it was better to stay a memory than be another kit in my stash. After all, I wasn’t feeling that nostalgic for a kit that taught me to hate decals!

One down, five to go!
Check them out at

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On The Bench Ep146

“US IPMS President David Lockhart”

Bench Mews. One little, two little, three little Necrons … I finally got the starter set of Necron Warriors assembled and along with the Ultramarines I can now move on to painting both groups. Assembly was straight forward although I did have to reference the more detailed instructions that came with the Elite set. My plan is to redo the one Ultramarine that turned out too dark with the application of Agrax Earthshade, finish the rest and then paint up the Necrons. Live and learn. I’m tempted to set them aside and work on Friedrich instead but that will need to wait till after my upcoming fishing trip to Kelly Creek, ID. It’s a tough job being retired but someone has to do it 😉

On The Bench Ep146.

What’s Up, Listener’s Emails, News from the Falcon and an interview with David Lockhart (U.S. IPMS President) cover this episode of OTB. The episode starts with What’s Up and Ian solving his Frot-Laffly mishap mentioned in the last episode with a new kit and soon to be purchased, fresh on the market, 3D printed wheels. Youngster Julian moves ahead on his Singer-Porsche 911, he and Dave wrangle over how to pronounce Celica, American or Aussie, and with Ian talk tinted clearcoat techniques. In addition, we learn that Ian has started his first SciFi, an Andreas Miniature Space Hunter, Julian a Russian MRLS in Finnish markings and Dave struggles with decals on his rocket.

Listener’s email. Listeners wrote in about Starcraft Space Marines, Gee Bee Racers, Super Hornets, Malcolm Childs Models 4 Heroes, and … wait for it, … fried cheese curds. We also learn that a lawsuit may soon be filed by the newly formed law firm of Dave (OTB) & Dave (PMM) over an Aussie Modeling TV show.

Falcon. The Falcon writes in with news about a ton of new kits. Aircraft include: (Arma P-39Q Airacobra, Dora Wings Vultee P-66 Vanguard Fighter, BPK P-8A Poseidon, Eastern Express Blackburn Shark (repackage of an old Frog model?), Rubicon Bell UH-1D/1H “Huey” 1:56 (wargaming scale), IBG Models PZL/IAR P.11F, FW 190D Prototype, MiG-29 in Polish Air Force, Sword Models Mitsubishi G4M-1 “Betty“, HK B-25J Mitchell, Autos: Airfix Jaguar E Type Starter Set, Ships: Trumpeter Gneisenau Battleship, HobbyBoss BB-63 USS Missouri, and Military Vehicles: Lanchester Aftermarket Wheels, Leopard II Tanks (Meng, Vespid, Trumpeter), Italeri T34/76 1942, Micro-Mir Dictator 13 Inch Mortar, five 1:72 tanks from IBG, three from HobbyBoss including the Scammell Commander, Trumpeter’s Iron Dome System, and soon to be released Academy Sdkfz 251/1 Aus.F.C Halftrack and a Panzer IV Ausf.J Early. The Falcon finishes up with a couple of model business closures. In Other News the hosts mention KLP Publishing has put out Building the British Phantoms Vol 1 and that Eduard has announced its October releases.

US IPMS President David Lockhart Interview. We learn a bit of David’s background and how he got into the hobby and that sailing ship models are his favorite to build. David goes on to talk about IPMS, its mission (to make better modelers and attract new modelers) and how it’s relevant to today’s modelers. David relates several goals for the organization including promoting the hobby and helping local chapters in running local shows. Future steps include updating the organization’s bylaws and constitution, improving IPMS’ exposure on social media, promoting IPMS via hobby stores & distributors, and exploring the potential of setting up Zoom clubs. Additional topics of concern are the possible use of barcodes/QR codes at competitions and how to improve or change the judging system. While nothing is written in stone IPMS appears to be willing to have discussions on many of these issues.

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You can find links to OTB and other modeling podcasts at

Sprue Cutters Union Podcast Ep31

“Dentistry, Dick Jokes, featuring David Lane and Andy Canning from Scale Scotland.”

What’s Not Happening Here. One more day dining with the kelts (spawned female steelhead fish) and then it’s back to the bench. I had every intention of clipping and gluing the Necrons at the office today but despite the cooler weather, the regional forest fires made it a bit uncomfortable. The two river pictures above were taken only a day apart and as you can see the smoke just loves to settle in along the river.

Sprue Cutters Union Ep31.

What Are You Up To? When a modeling podcast episode can move me to spend money, it’s done its job properly. And this episode did just that within the first 15 minutes! Tracy’s high praise for the new publication (Modelling AFV Armour) from Inside The Armour had me ordering my very own copy. How could I not with the AFV M16 Halftrack sitting on my shelf begging to be built! This section also finds Chris taking one step forward, two steps back and Will continuing his boondoggle dance with foiling.

In The Mail Bag listeners question the juvenile nature of jokes on the podcast, Joe doubles down with Will on the 3hr podcast length and Rob Booth (IPMS Secretary), while not pushing one system over the other, hopes to see IPMS members have their day in court on the issue of judging.

Burrs Under the Saddle. Could this be an ongoing segment or just an outlet for blowing off steam? Burr#1. Scale effect. Does it appeal to science but the science not measure up or is it just modeling bullshit? Burr#2. Tamiya’s line inside their new bottle. Is it the level to add thinner for the perfect spray concentration? If it made it here, you can bet it’s just more childish bullshit 😉 I hope this one continues!

Writing Magazine Articles. Some sage advice from the hosts include:

  1. Send in submissions. Publishers generally won’t come looking for yours.
  2. Take good photos and use a white background.
  3. Use good lighting.
  4. Label photos.
  5. Write a draft text but don’t over edit and do proof read.
  6. Provide captions if the publisher uses or requires them.

Andy Cunning Interview. Scale Scotland. Two things stood out in this segment. 1) the use of a Master Class for model judging. Stellar models are pulled from a category and put into a separate Master Class for judging. This opens up the original category for a more even competition with the idea to not discourage beginning or mediocre modelers from competing and 2) Bacon rolls or should I say, thin pork chops on a bun are weird. And yes, the North American Bacon version is better 😉 There, someone had to say it.

David Lane Interview. Here we get a bit of David’s background and find Napoleonic figures and WWI airplanes are his favorite. David is a dentist and relates that he find manual dexterity most important for modeling and especially in painting figures. His advice for painting figures: prime with 3 coats (any old primer will do), use acrylics on leather and flesh, and use matte Humbrol enamels (again 3 coats) on cloth. Over this he applies oils to take advantage of the good blending characteristics and bakes them in a dehydrator.

So, there you have it, another episode chocked full of cool, useful modeling goodness.

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