ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep51

“The Old Dominion Open Re-Cap”

RStOR Benchtime. While I had the airbrush full of paint yesterday I went ahead and resprayed the M3 Stuart base with tan acrylic. The base was really dark and I wanted to lighten it up a bit. Citadel through the airbrush wasn’t the brightest idea but nothing another session in the spray booth won’t fix. Minus the Citadel šŸ˜‰ Friday I visited the hobby store and picked up BattleTech, ‘A game of Armored Combat’. This box set has an expanded rulebook, new maps and eight new Mechs. Pretty sweet! Also, new to the DVD collection was Saving Private Ryan for $5. A nice addition to have playing while working at the bench.

ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep 51 (1:53:19) 3/5/2023.

TL;DR Intro, ODO Re-call, What’ja Working On?, Who Met Who at ODO, New Kits, What’ja Buy, Nats Update, Shout Outs, Tool & Tip, Mail Call, M4H Birthday Bash, and ODO Favorites.

The Geeks, minus Nemo, start off the episode with a couple of sea stories, one involving a P3 gearbox chip light and how not to induce secondaries.

The Old Dominion Open Show (IPMS Richmond) had almost a 1000 models on the tables and 700+ walk-ins attending. A chance question asked of one of the ModelGeeks was “When do you start to realize that you are competitive or not?” Darrin’s answer? “When you start to judge.” Volunteering to judge will give you opportunities to see and identify areas you can apply to your own models. You don’t have to build exclusively to win contests but rather volunteering can help you learn where to improve and become a better modeler. As one of the other hosts said, you start looking at stuff through the judges’ eyes. Another take home from the ODO was the many models in the Gundam section by young modelers that prove the hobby is not dying, just certain genres and old modelers.

New Kits identified the Kinetic F-16 “family model (2 seater) that’s possibly over engineered. Frilldo revealed his secret squirrel as a 1:24 P-47D Bubble Top built to promote the upcoming Detail & Scale book on the P-47 while the new Frill and Fill device for decanting paint was featured in Tool & Tip!

The episode finishes up with Mail Call and ODO favorites. Well, there you go, the 2023 ODO is in the books and a good time was had by all!

You can check out the link to this episode and other podcasts at

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On The Bench Ep158

“Models For Heroes 48hr Build”

Bench RStOR. All this talk of the Models 4 Heroes Birthday Bash this weekend has been effective. At first I was ambivalent about participating but after listening to James in this episode I decided I’ll build my recent 1:48 XF5F Skyrocket acquisition. And while I prefer doing the yellow wing short nose scheme, in the interest of actually finishing I think the long nose unarmed Naval scheme might be best.

On The Bench Ep 158. (1:59) 3/3/2023. “Models for Heroes 48hr Build”

TL;DR Intro, Mail, Moosaroo Update, Modeling News, Return of the Falcon and an Interview with James Skiffins (M4H 48hr Birthday Build).

The hosts (Dave, Ian and Julian) start off the episode with a chat about a wayward airbrush needle taking a slow container ship to Australia and OTB needing a “ringer” to sub for Julian when he’s off “competition drifting” in Japan. Mail covers a bit of early history of IPMS in Australia, holding model shows in a pub and someone upgrading their Silverado for an F-150 šŸ˜‰ A Moosaroo update follows while KLP Publishing‘s new book on the FW-190 and new ITA Decals are featured in Modeling News. The Falcon checks in with a long list of aircraft, military vehicles, ships, subs and (deep breath) more aircraft!

The best part of the episode is the interview with James Skiffins as they chat about the upcoming Models 4 Heroes 48hr Birthday Build fundraiser happening March 10-12th, 2023 sponsored by the Model Officers Mess. Information on how to join and participate can be found on the Model Officers Mess Facebook page! You know you want to!

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Plastic Posse Podcast Ep64

“Scale Models for Veterans/Models 4 Heroes, Zach Pease & one thing would you improve”

Moscow Bench News. Good on you Ivan for catching the 40k bug! As for myself, I picked up a set of Fenrisian Wolves the other day but have yet to break into them. Friday night at Da Momma’s Boyz I took a couple of Cyber Wolves to work on but have to say the fit was terrible! In fact, I couldn’t glue the pieces together with extra thick super glue. I finally had to resort to 2-part epoxy and even then it was a struggle. Apparently, I’ve been Finecast-ed. A crappy resin miniature that Games Workshop should be ashamed of putting out.

Saturday I pulled out my paint booth and set up the airbrush. I had a wild idea to try airbrushing the Thunderwolves (now stripped) with a Citadel paint. After diligent research on Youtube I used water to thin the Wraithbone and tried to paint the first wolf. Coverage was so-so so I tried Game Color’s Off White thinned with Mr Color Leveling thinner. That worked perfectly if I was going for the cottage cheese look šŸ˜¦ Finally, after cleaning snot out of my Iwata, I went to my old standby, Tamiya XF. A half mil of XF-2 (white) with a drop of XF-57 (buff) gave me the off white I wanted. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ll airbrush any others and will pull out the wet palette for all future 40k miniatures.

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep64 (3:06) 2/28/2023.

TL;DR: What’s Up?, Moosaroo Update, New Tank Releases (blah, blah, blah, tanks, tanks, blah, blah, blah … tanks), Discussion Question #1, PPP Facebook Group Highlights, Shows, Ma.K. Group Build, Listener Feedback, Special Segment (M4V, M4H) Discussion Question #2 and the Interview with Zach Pease.

Discussion Question #1: Changing one thing or adding something to your repertoire. Time, concentration, always missing something, figure painting, over-caring, 3-tone camo, art gallery quality vignettes, and photography were some of the things the Posse hosts would change. For me, it would be to not chase butterflies. Or at least, get the one out of the net before I go off chasing another. A new kit? another 40k miniature? I don’t have that BattleMech … and the chase goes on šŸ˜‰

Discussion Question #2. Do you use physical references or do everything online? A little of both seemed to be the consensus among the hosts. The plethora of online references, photos and resources are astounding yet the danger of being distracted is always present. How many times have I too gone online to look for something model related only to find a hour, or dare I say two, gone by and I’ve not even started to look for the intended subject? It’s very easy to get distracted online whereas a physical book is right there in front of me. At least if I can remember where I put it šŸ˜‰

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February 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup

My Modeling Mews. February found fellow modeler Bob and me heading over to the Northwest Scale Modelers Show at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA. It was everything promised. Last I heard there were over 6000 folks attending the two days but I haven’t heard numbers for modelers displaying or models displayed. All I can say is there were a butt load! Closer to home I have managed to put together the wings, tail and engines on the GWH 1:144 Me323 Gigant. And let me tell you, there were a ton of flap supports. Next up will be to mask the window in the fuselage and start painting. I should also start thinking about cargo to put inside and around the plane in a diorama.

On to the podcasts.

Small Subjects Ep32 (1:58:28) 2/15/2023. “Travis Haussener” A bit of a different episode as Jim and Barry talk with avalanche survivor (he’s also a chemist) about plastic cement, lacquer thinner A+B putty, primer vs paint and a lengthy discussion on why spit is better than water. Hint: enzymes. A much better episode than I was initially expecting so I give it a solid 3 Whiskers šŸ˜‰

On The Bench Ep157 (1:03:42) 2/17/2023. “We’re Back!” OTB Holiday Activity, Listener Mail and a Non Falcon Report make up the bulk of this episode. Julian rips decals, Ian almost finishes the Moosaroo Build (dare I say 95%?) despite a near disaster and Dave recounts his world tour travels, including visiting the most depressing model shop in France. Listener mail revealed Ian’s mystery work visiter while the Non-Falcon segment has Ian and the others stepping up to review several new kits. Definitely a good listen particularly for the gloss coat/sanding/polishing advice.

Sprue Cutters’ Union Ep40 (3/03:30) 2/17/2023. “Haberdashery, Preorders and Cascade Failure” featuring Airfix. Picking boogers, spilling glue and Moosaroo f*ckery nearly over shadowed the really good question: “what backups do you have?” Nippers and masking fluid topped the list while for me it’s those little tiny drill bits. I always seem to have broken the one I need. Haberdashery (News) covers the new Ammo paint line (A-Stand), Night Shift’s announcement and Jon Chung’s relenting and using a proper set of scribers before recounting the Mike Renaldi saga. The Airfix interview with Chris Parker-Joy and Martin Ridge touched on the hobby’s demographics (on the older side, won’t live forever), the fact that it’s hard to sell to kids that are more into non-military subjects and the company’s move toward more automotive subjects. Chris, Martin and Will then descend into CAD Software and 3D Scanning and other engineer speak šŸ˜‰

ModelGeek’s Podcast Ep50 (1:55) 2/18/2023. ” The Big 50! Thanks to you, the listeners” What’ja Working On?, Geek News, New Kits, Hobby Shop Shoutouts, Tools & Tips, Mail Call and the Main Topic “50th Thoughts. Lots of modeling tips scattered throughout this episode, dry brushing in Tools & Tips, scribing tips and painting when it’s cold out in Mail Call and a chance to suggest changes as the Geeks reminisce back on the first 50 episodes. A definite must listen.

Plastic Model Mojo Ep84 (1:44) 2/24/2023 “It’s Showtime!” What’s Up in Your Model Sphere?, Modeling Fluids, Mail, Messenger, What’ja Workin’ On? Stuff bought, Upcoming Shows, HertitageCon Interview, 2023 National, and finally Shoutouts. The episode really gets interesting when a listener takes Dave to task over his likening NewMex Mex to Tex Mex and outlines a road to redemption to avoid a call to cancel. We also learn Dave misquotes “Luckiest Man Alive” and that music really died in 1750 with Bach (nothing to do with Dave). Dare I say that Mike and Dave will be attending HertitageCon and have been advised to bring all their spare Canadian cash. And here I thought there were two looneys already in the car heading north šŸ˜‰

Models From Ukraine Ep9 (1:43) 1/24/2023) “Dora Wings and Robert Blokker” Chris Meddings plans to go to once a month podcast with MFU, mainly due to the difficulties getting through to interview Ukraine model manufacturers. In this episode Chris talks to Robert Blokker about his interest in modeling WWI subjects, how to test dioramas (with this one simple trick), the importance of figures in dioramas and what is and isn’t off-limits in modeling. In the Dora Wings interview we learn how Dora Wings started, how they do marketing research, how projects are chosen and the design process. All this with only two employes in the midst of the war in Ukraine! If you haven’t listened to this episode yet, go and download it now. It’s well worth the time!

Scale Model Podcast Ep111 (1:23:34) 2/26/2023. “Geoff Builds a Gundam” Last in line, but not least, is the SMP Ep111. This episode rounds out the February modeling podcasts. With Terry down and under the weather, both figuratively (sick) and literally (snow) given the weather this past week , Anthony, Stuart and Geoff hold down the ice fort. The Latest Hobby News, Hobby Announcements and an Interview with Vince Hoffmann, What’s on the Bench, Things they’ve Seen and The Last Word make up Ep 111. Stuart does his usually good job of outlining and providing links to topics but I would suggest going to the Scale Model Podcast website to see all the pictures. For some reason when I link from Apple’s Podcast app it messes with photos and has trouble displaying them. Yeah, Iā€™m talking to you, Steve šŸ˜¦

In the interview, Vince talks about his 1/8 scale wooden 1930s era Chris Craft Runabout and the trials and tribulations of building a wooden boat model. Interestingly, Vince is also pessimistic about where the hobby will be in 10 years. He feels there are less young people coming into the hobby and it’s becoming less an art form and more about instant gratification. Give a listen and see if you agree?

There you have it, seven episodes to fit anyone’s interest (unless Just Making Conversation squeeks in under the wire). Check out links for all these at

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep63

“Jeremy Moore, Regaining Lost Confidence and Is It Good or Bad to hop Scales/Subjects?”

Seattle Bound. Silly me, I thought I could get this quick review done before heading off to the Northwest Scale Modelers Show but someone had other ideas for this morning’s routine (and by that I mean chasing the string). Bags and models are packed so all that is left is to lead Sunkist to her food dish one last time.

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep63 (runtime 02:40:48) 2/14/2023.

Introductions, What’s on the Bench, Discussion #1, Moosaroo Update, Interview with Jeremy Moore, Listener Feedback, and Discussion #2 complete this episode.

Discussion #1.Is it a good or bad thing to jump scale to scale/subject to subject?” My first reaction to this was “What, seriously? You have to ask this? Of course, it’s a good thing!” As I listened I could see that my thoughts and those of the podcasts hosts were in alignment. They articulated what I had only imagined in a nebulus way. From missing out on some wonderful subjects, avoiding burnout to becoming a better modeler through varied techniques. Yes, as JB said, you only have to look at his stash to see the eclectic collection spanning a variety of scales and subjects.

In the Interview with Jeremy Moore you can find out who he is, what he does and what’s his style. I do have to confess I did not know who Jeremy was but found the interview fascinating and even sprinkled with little modeling tips.

Listener Feedback. I really appreciated the discussion on passion as it relates to modeling and how Ethan eloquently put it, without passion models just become shelf queens. I might have paraphrase there a bit šŸ˜‰

Discussion #2.Regaining confidence when it’s lost” JB chips away at a list of little things, while many of the others recognize the effects of built up expectations (not winning at shows) to seeing others’ projects and chasing “likes” that make us feel inadequate. I think it was Ivan that summed it up with “Confidence … it takes a long time to build it, seconds to shatter!” Doug mentioned that probably the biggest threat to a modeler’s confidence is “real life” – sometime life happens. His advice: back off, take the focus off yourself and help another modeler.

There you have it, a quick and dirty review/opinion before my chariot arrives and we drive off into the sunset to the NWSM Show. Technically, we’ll be driving away from the sunrise this morning šŸ˜‰

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers

Scale Model Podcast Ep110

“Nuremberg Toy Fair”

Seattle Bound! Modeling this week consisted mostly of finishing my “Angels’ Revenge” diorama for the Northwest Scale Modelers Show this upcoming weekend. That and pulling out the models I plan on taking to the show. This will be my first time going and I’m looking forward to seeing all the models and visiting everybody’s favorite hobby shop, Skyways! In addition to preparing for the trip I also spent two different days sampling fish (steelhead and lampreys) down on the Clearwater and jamming around town which meant I wouldn’t be able to start on my new set of Fenrisian Wolves šŸ˜‰ Choices, choices, choices! I don’t know about you, but it’s good to be retired.

Scale Model Podcast Ep110 (01:10) 2/11/2023 “Nuremberg Toy Fair”.

The real question was, is it episode One-one-zero or One-ten? The debate was electrifying!

Other news included Stuart’s new recording device for on the road interviews and this episode’s Sean Custom Model Tools Surprise Prize Draw winner … me! I should state for the record that no shenanigans or beer and poutine changed hands (Geoff) but as anyone could, I sent in a work-in-progress picture (Angels’ Revenge) for the random draw. A big shout out and thanks to both Stuart, Terry, Geoff and Anthony as well as SCMT for sponsoring the giveaway. You guys rock!

As usual, Stuart provides a comprehensive list of links to everything covered in this episode on the Scale Model Podcast website. The Mailbag, product releases from the Nuremberg Toy Fair, the latest Hobby Announcements, What’s On Their Bench and Things We’ve Seen round out this 1:10 (hr:min) podcast. Ep110, run time 1:10? Coincident? I think not šŸ˜‰

One of the best segments was the featured Nuremberg Toy Fair. I appreciated the links and look forward to drooling over the products featured in the linked catalogs. Revell’s Airbus Beluga is just weird enough that it may find it’s way into my stash. Unfortunately, The Modeling News wants me to turn off my adblock (fat chance) to see Italeri’s offering but there’s plenty to see with Modesvit and Tamiya. Hint: just go to Italeri’s website to see their online catalog.

Things We’ve Seen allowed Stuart and Geoff to travel down memory lane as they talked about AK’s 1/35 Land Rover offerings. While I don’t share the same nostalgia I can appreciate their enthusiasm, especially Geoff’s third gear technique to change radio stations. An interesting find was seeing Special Navy’s 1/72 Kriegsfischkutter listed. But talking to a modeling buddy kind of dampened my excitement when he mentioned they’ve been promising that since 2018. Hope springs eternal, right?

Stuart, Geoff and Terry round out the episode with Battle Mech miniatures (Stuart), 3D printed planes & Moosaroo update (Geoff) and a Bandai Dropship (Terry) and Things They’ve Seen.

An excellent listen particularly for the catalog and kit links! And yes, I’m giving it an extra bump just because (I won)!

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4.5 5 Whiskers

Plastic Model Mojo Ep 83

“Charting a Course”

Dateline Meow-cow, Idaho. While I haven’t gotten to the bench a whole lot this past week, I did make a trek up to Spokane with friends and hit B&B Hobbies and Hobbytown hobby shops. Somewhere in the past week or so I saw a post online about the XF5F Skyrocket and decided it was weird enough that I would look around for a kit. Sure enough, B&B had two and so my quest to add another yellow wing to my collection (aka stash) was complete. As if that wasn’t enough of a sign, a fellow modeler tipped me off to the Grumman XF5F-1 & XP-50 Skyrocket book at a local used book store. While there I also picked up Flying Colors. Both cost a total of $11. Pretty good buy, if I say so myself! On to the podcast review.

Plastic Model Mojo Ep81 (01:52) 2/9/2023. Clocking in at just under 2 hours, Mike and Dave talk Modelsphere, Modeling Fluids, a hefty Listener Mail section, IPMS National San Marcos update, What’s on the Bench, Favs & Yawns and the special segment “2023 Charting a Course“.

Mike and Dave plan on heading up to HeritageCon, most likely to ensure there is no hanky-panky going on with the Moosaroo Cup judging. Or … to ensure their “donation” is appropriately received.

I enjoyed the listener mail in this episode. The first was concerning the ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ segment from a previous episode that dealt with fears & inhibitors to modeling and the effects of social media on the hobby. Has it made it better or worse and is it good or bad for the hobby? I’d say a little of both. Personally, I find the excessive posting of minute incremental steps somewhat annoying. Cross posting to multiple groups runs a close second as it seems I see a lot of the same people in many of the groups. After about the fourth same post I tend to ignore and scroll on by. As a result, I tend to visit fewer and fewer groups.

A second email from Detail & Scale on their new book F-117 sent me off to my storage locker to dig out my old PC game F-19. Unfortunately, it’s from the mid ’90s and the 3.5″ disks are not readable on my Mac. šŸ˜¦ Maybe I could wipe my old desktop and install unix? But that would be a lot of work and checking Steam might be a better option. This email had me waxing nostalgic for F-19, Silent Service II, Mech Warriors, Great Naval Battles of the North Atlantic, and IL-2. And the hits from the 90s goes on.

I had to laugh at the propeller being stepped on. Not that it was funny but rather the rabbit hole something like that could cause. Apparently, the aftermarket parts come with the hub & blades separate that necessitate a prop alignment jig. Imagine the time, money and effort not to mention the research and postage involved šŸ˜‰ Yikes!

The last one made me chuckle. “How many time have I had a kit or book in hand, put it down and then went back to buy it, only to find it gone?ā€ Picture IPMS Nationals in Las Vegas where I saw a Kinetic F-16 A/B NSAWC Adversary kit. I held it, looked longingly at it and set it back to make one more circuit in the vendor room while I thought it over. But sure enough, when I decided I had to buy it, it was gone! When I heard this question in the episode I paused the recording and went to find the one in my stash. Upon returning home from the Nats that year I promptly located one online and ordered it. Is it built? Nope. But I can.

2023 Charting a Course. Dave plans to be more optimistic, Mike used Boston’s “taking my time” to plot his 2023 course. Me, I usually get stuck in a time loop just staring at my stash. Of course, my latest acquisition usually rises to the top of the pile so when one is finished whatever is on top is usually the next on the bench.

A great episode, one that made me think. Give a listen!

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers

Model Geeks Podcast Ep49

“Intakes …. Yep, they suck!”

Benchtime, Moscow, Idaho. The base for Friedrich is coming along nicely. The resin has set up and I added snow using the toilet paper + glue method. Once the “snow” is dry I’ll add some frozen tuffs and Valhallan Blizzard to complete the scene. Weathering Friedrich with oils and attaching him to the base should finish up this project unless I can figure out a way to simulate frost on his canopy and hitting the entire model with directional blowing snow. Barring those yet uncommitted tweeks, I’m hoping to have it done for the Northwest Scale Modelers Show in Seattle, WA on the 18th-19th of February.

ModelGeeks Podcast Ep49 (02:33:00) (02/02/2023. The short version for this episode: Geek News, What’ja Working On?, New Kits, What’ja Buy, Shows & Contests, and the Main topic “Intakes”.

It’s sounds like there might be a modeling slow down in 2023 for some of the ModelGeeks. Work has Nemo in Florida, Darrin predicts a Sno-zilla event for Maryland, Frilldo plans a trip to Iceland to watch dumpster blow about and Whitey hits the wedding circuit big time. But the podcasts keep coming and with the 50th episode on the horizon, the Geeks are nonetheless pumped!

Of particular interest in Geek News was the mention of a bug out kit and a potential future topic on “How to Build on the Road.” I would think you would have to decide whether to build or paint and plan accordingly. If building, what to include in the travel kit without taking your entire bench is important! A minimal tool set that includes nippers, sanding sticks, Xacto knife and tweezers for sure. I might even throw in an 8x1o” cutting mat and probably an unstarted kit or maybe just a sub-assembly.

If painting is to be the focus, a decision might be to either brush paint or airbrush. That 3 gal tank air compressor might be a bit much but one of those new fangled portable air brush kits might just be the ticket to add to the list. The problem really comes with the variety of liquids generally needed. Glue, paint and thinners can be tricky. Recently, I took a set of Space Wolves to paint down to my local 40k club house Friday night get together and ended up aliquoting water, thinner and brush restorer into scintillation vials to minimize stuff to carry. The bulkiest items were the wet palette and the skewer/alligator clip holder (converted kitty scratch pad). Still, getting to chat with the other gamers while painting made the effort worth it.

The Main Topic, “Intakes”. This was a very specific topic to tackle, one that I have not had to deal with but still found very interesting. Seams seemed (pardon the pun) to be the main problem when dealing with intakes. Various ways to sand, putty and use sham intake trunks are mentioned as was the Killz method. That last would be a perfect for a Geek video! For those who want the easy way out, intake plugs or (gasp) covers can be made easily. The Geeks do a great job of describing the ways they deal with intakes and how they go about using the different techniques. For greater details grab a pen and paper and give a listen to the episode. In fact, you may want to bookmark or download it for future reference.

Time to head back to the bench. I have a few Space Wolves to repaint šŸ˜‰

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep62

“Catching up with Uncle Night Shift, Passion For Your Work, Balancing Realism vs Impressionism”

Bench Update: Moscow, Idaho. I had a bit of negative modeling this week at the bench. Maybe not really negative but a learning experience nonetheless. I painted the Thunderwolf Cavalry wolves but really didn’t like the way they turned out so I set about striping them. As the paint was barely dry 24hrs I used the Simple Green method. It worked out pretty well and after watching several more YouTube videos I’m ready to tackle them again. Heck, I might even try a couple in blue fur šŸ˜‰

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep62 (03:04:56) 01/31/2023. “Catching up with Uncle Night Shift, Passion For Your Work, Balancing Realism vs Impressionism”. Ivan’s new job, new glue base and new mojo! I think it’s safe to say they can be attributed to the positive effects of the Hamburger Snuggie.

The new format for the Posse is pretty sweet. I liked the bookend discussions, feedback and interview segments. Each seemed to flow nicely and allowed each person to contribute. The first discussion, “Have passion for your work” was a little esoteric initially until Grant rephrased it from “Love your work but don’t fall in love with your work” bringing in the bit about passion. Ivan’s comment “we shouldn’t do stuff unless we really want to do it” pointed out to me the importance of enjoying a build. While, I don’t do commissions or have a full time job modeling, I can see how those things could suck the mojo out of a hobby. Builds can be frustrating at times but in the end I can always look back and say they were good builds!

Listener Feedback spawned a great discussion on weathering products. Hearing each host’s advice had me writing down a bunch of new products to look up. I especially appreciated the simplistic 3-product recommendations for MiG Ammo Oil Brushes (from JB) and the trio of pigments (from TJ). Scott, Grant and Ivan each had additional recommendations worth considering!

Interview with Uncle Night Shift. “My friends” (said in my best Night Shift voice) this interview is the one to listen if you are into armor. And even if you’re not! In it, you’ll hear Martin Kovac tell what helped him level up in 2022, what his human side is really like, what recently changed in his style, do projects always turn out as he imagines, and why he brought about changes to his YouTube Channel format. Always a good listen!

The final discussion in this episode involved “Historical Accuracy vs Artistic Interpretation“. I must admit it was sort of anticlimactic after listening to the Kovac interview and frankly, not something I fret about. I suppose I lean mostly to the artistic interpretation side of modeling with an occasional nod to historical accuracy. Not that it isn’t important but it’s not something that determines my ultimate enjoyment from modeling. But you might feel different and I might change as I progress down the road.

Give a listen to this episode!

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers

January 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup

From My Bench.

Inspired by a Squidmar Miniatures Youtube video (Painting Space Wolves & Unique Snow Base) I set about starting a base for Friedrich (though not quite finished). This involved creating a depression in the wood base, buying a Blue Angels model kit and cutting it up before embedding it in epoxy to create a futuristic winter scene. In my mind, the country has been trashed (aliens, Russians, WW4 ?) and the Blue Angels were called into service. Unfortunately, the entire team was taken out and now a lance of mechs is out to avenge them. To that end, they have appropriated the color scheme and are looking to even the score!

In between bouts of inspiration, I’ve been assembling and painting a set of Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry off and on with working on the GWH Me323 Gigant. At some point I’ll get back to painting Nahida šŸ™‚

Back in force is a whole crop of new podcasts. Here’s my rundown on them, including run time (hh:mm) and date dropped.

  1. Just Making Conversation S2:Ep23 (00:53) 01/16/2023. “Airfix Launch 2023” As you may deduce from the title, this episode was all about the upcoming 2023 Airfix new releases. Malcolm and James talk with Dale Luckhurst and Luke Slaney and cover everything from the DB5 Aostin Martin to the Lancaster DamBuster 80th Anniversary gift set that also includes an F-35. While not the prettiest, I found the Ferret Scout Car Mk.2 intriguing.
  2. Plastic Posse Podcast Ep61 (02:24) 01/17/2023. “Shaking off the Rust, 2022 Recap and the Year of WWI Modeling” The saloon was full for this episode and topics ranged from Rhomboid Builds (WWI), 1st Quarter Plans, a 2022 Posse Patreon Yearbook Project to setting up a new Video Division. Chats about painting poker chips, someone wanting to find a second job to pay for modeling stuff and a recording of their most recent Live Session ended the episode.
  3. On The Bench Ep156 (01:43) 01/19/2023. “Let’s talk Phantom Jets” After hitting the 500,000 download mark, the Boys Down Under will be taking well deserved extra time off and won’t return till February 18th when they will drop the next episode. In the meantime, Dave (the Roman Prefect), is off on a world tour, the Falcon is AWOL and Ian’s rouge paint booth claims models and mojo. Sam Dwyer’s praise for Dr. Strangebrush’s airbrushing tip and Nemo’s lighter fluid tip for panel line cleanup are sprinkled in the “All Things Phantom” segment that features Sam Dwyer’s almost finished Phantom build.
  4. ModelGeek’s Podcast Ep48 (01:55) 01/21/2023. “Happy New Year, Getting out 2023 Goals on!” Colonoscopy talk and holiday modeling feature prominently in the opening of this episode šŸ˜‰ The MiG Killer Group Build, the Flying Burrito (New Kits) and Christmas Stuff come next while Shows & Contests are mentioned before the Tool & Tip is revealed. Can you say “panty hose covered vaccume nozzle for finding dropped parts?” The episode closes with the Geeks’ 2023 modeling plans.
  5. Plastic Model Mojo Ep82 (02:01) 01/26/2023. “Barry’s BDF, the BF109 and more with Barry Numerick”. Motivating online interactions, modeling fluids and speculation on taking only one modeling reference to a desert island get traction in this episode as do “critical mess” and broken wallets. Barry Numerick tells more about BF109s than anyone person ought to know but is redeemed with his second love, the Me 323! Yeah, good on you Barry! Please come back and tell us everything Gigant related. This modeler wants to know, are you excited about the HpH Messerschmitt Me 323 D-6?
  6. Sprue Cutters’ Union Ep39 (01:55) 01/27/2023. “The Perfect Pressure for Painting Cats” The big news here is the move to publishing an episode every three weeks instead of two and a potential name change to “Idiots Rule”. I’m not sure if that last is referring to supremacy or implied regulation? Several Burrs are discussed followed by a critique of Tracy’s latest work. Burrs include: constant airbrush pressure tweaking, “everybody’s work is so good and it makes me feel bad”, and treating everything like a recipe (eg. filters). The critique (and compliments) centered on the junkyard Panzer 1B with a guy’s interaction with two “calico” cats with Will and Chris offering several suggestions on how it could be improved.
  7. Scale Model Podcast Ep109 (01:10) 01/29/2023 “To Glue or Not To glue” Anthony joins Stuart, Geoff and Terry for a brief visit to talk about the Surprise Prize Draw WIP Contest. Any work in progress is eligible and the prize will be a mystery item from Sean’s Custom Model Tools. A modeling tip of black CA and the upcoming Gecko C8 Quad MkII Early and Late models really peaked my interest! Even the ICM Tarhe would be tempting if I didn’t have to sell both kidneys for the HpH Gigant! At least I wasn’t tempted by the Bond Bug or the Splatter Tool.
  8. Of course, there were a few more that I don’t generally listen to but hey, a guy has to actually model sometime.