On The Bench Ep147

Shelf Queens. Shelf queens, dancing queens, Queens we like a lot. I enjoyed listening to this episode from the boys down under (sans Julian) as they talk about shelf queens. And speaking of Julian, here’s hoping that by this time he’s feeling better. I did notice that the episode was noticeably shorter and I attributeContinue reading “On The Bench Ep147”

On The Bench Ep146

“US IPMS President David Lockhart” Bench Mews. One little, two little, three little Necrons … I finally got the starter set of Necron Warriors assembled and along with the Ultramarines I can now move on to painting both groups. Assembly was straight forward although I did have to reference the more detailed instructions that cameContinue reading “On The Bench Ep146”

On The Bench Ep140

Running Model Expo with Laurence Farrugia. Modeling AdjacentThese past few weeks for me have been filled with war gaming with several friends. It started out innocently with Memoir 44 which allows a person to replay many key WW2 battles through the use of scenarios. The game provides a great incentive for learning more about WW2.Continue reading “On The Bench Ep140”

On The Bench Ep138

Lincoln Wright and His New Book. If you’re into Madchinen Krieger (Ma.K.) then you’ll want to listen to this episode of On The Bench podcast (Ep134). Find this link and more at modelingpodcats.com. In this installment Dave, Ian and Julian talk with Lincoln Wright about his new book, ‘Mk.44 The Ma.K Lincoln Report, Vol 1‘.Continue reading “On The Bench Ep138”

AMPS: Podcast Roundup

Armor Modeling and Preservation Society: Plastic Posse Podcast, The Modeling Miscreants and On The Bench podcasts. On My Bench. My idea of taking a Tamiya M-3 Stuart and using an old Verlindin conversion kit to make a British ‘Honey’ was less than thrilling. The conversion brass was oversized and came with very little instructions. FittingContinue reading “AMPS: Podcast Roundup”

April “Make Up Your Mind” Weather

Road trip & Podcasts Roundup. My Modeling Sphere. Good Friday found myself and two of my modeling buddies traveling north to visit the not-so-local hobby shops. But first on the list was breakfast at the Breakfast Club in town because everyone knows you must have sustenance to sustain oneself on such a quest. After fillingContinue reading “April “Make Up Your Mind” Weather”

March Not-So-Madness

A different approach. What’s on my bench. It’s been a roller coaster of a month but things a slowly getting back to normal? Not much progress on the modeling front although I did get a top coat on the Chinook gunship I’ve been working on. That and the rotors are nearly done. A modeling buddyContinue reading “March Not-So-Madness”