Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep32

“Very Sweary and Balls of Steel, featuring Arma’s Grzegorz Mazurowski”

New kits, old kits, blue kits. I stopped into my local hobby store (Hodgin’s) and picked up the Tamiya M113 ACAV to go along with my M557, the M21 US Halftrack and the AFV M16 MGMC “Meat Chopper”. Yep, my copy of Inside the Armour’s ‘Modelling AFV Armour‘ arrived last week and I “needed” another model to compliment those in the publication. I know most of my kits are Tamiya but the book’s tip, tricks and fantastic photos should work for inspiration! Who knows, Still, I’m heading to Spokane soon and will have to keep an eye out for other AFV armor. As for the blue kit. it was a freebie I got at my local IPMS chapter meeting Sunday. The B-25 Mitchell looked interesting as did the other two free kits I grabbed. Yes, they are old kits but the price was right!

Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep32. The hosts start the episode chatting about what was on their benches recently. Chris dealt with an overspray issue and guest appeared on the latest from Built Sideways, Tracy finished his AFV Scimitar Tank and Will (when he’s not farming f*cks) found he needed to use aluminum cleaner to get paint to stick to an aluminum finish. How best to deal with the new Eduard decals was also discussed by the hosts. The Mail Bag brought Butt Crumbles another 5 minutes of fame while Richard’s question elicited more useful advice on the best brass paint and technique to use on models. And the best is …

The rest of the podcast dealt with two new burrs under the saddle and the main interview with Grzegorz Mazurowski from Arma Hobby.

Burr#1. Crank modeling, or turd flinging contest as Will likened it, involved the issue of unsolicited feedback and the unnecessary flame wars that often result. Some consider any feedback rude and ban it completely, others proffer theirs with down right nastiness and reckless abandonment. The suggestion was to ask first if the person wants feedback, and if so, be diplomatic as there is no reason to be a d*ck!

Burr#2. “People complaining about the cost of kits.” This one got a bit more time and involved little things such as inflation, rising cost of materials, and increased kit quality as probable explanations that folks fail to consider. The questions to really ask yourself are “Is the kit worth the money I’m willing to pay?” Am I comfortable paying the going rate? Is the quality there and justified? Can I afford the price? Would it really be a wise purchase? With higher model kit prices should I expect to work less if I’ve paid more? And really, what is the manufacturer’s responsibility to produce a good product? These questions and more were raised by the hosts.

Grzegorz Mazurowski Interview. Others have interviewed authors, publishers, distributors and celebrity modelers, this is perhaps the first time a mainstream model manufacturer has sat for a podcast interview. Grzegorz, Arma Hobby’s public relations specialist, is mainly involved with upkeep of the company’s social media presence. Grzegorz related his background, company history and intimated that the company views customers as fellow modelers, and not just the “market”. Will (taking the lead) and Grzegorz talked about the selection of subjects, design, mould making, plastic injection and a myriad of other things involved with bringing a quality kit to the market. The company does mostly 1:72 scale but has ventured into 1:48 and will probably do so more in the future. They have many ideas but like most modelers have more ideas than time to execute them! I don’t know if it’s their official motto but Grzegorz related that Arma Hobby doesn’t want to do mediocre things. They want to do it right.

Check out the episode on a podcast app nearest you. If you have trouble figuring out how to listen to podcasts, call in the teenager. They’ll set you straight!

Links to this podcast and more can be found at modelpodcasts.com

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