Models From Ukraine Podcast Ep3

Armory Models, Yurek Yackubov, Alexey Belov, and Jose Brito.

While the Cat’s Away. Earlier this week two modeling buddies and I headed up to visit the Historical Flight Foundation in Spokane, WA. Little did I know that there was a P-51B in the collection among the other dozen or so planes from WWII. I was surprised because only that morning had I placed an order from Arma Hobby for their latest release of the P-51B/C, and here was a living, breathing, and yes, flyable P-51B. You can bet I took copious amounts of pictures!

Models From Ukraine Ep3. This is a new podcast whose focus is to feature models and modelers from the Ukraine. Chris Meddings, of Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast fame, found that the ongoing war in Ukraine was slipping in the news and out of the minds and hearts of folks, especially modelers. His purpose in producing this podcast was to keep the war in Ukraine front and center in modelers minds and show support for the Ukraine people and Ukraine businesses, in particular, those associated with the modeling hobby.

In this episode, Chris is joined by Jose Brito (one of the modelers featured in Models For Ukraine Vol 2) in which they discuss new kits and aftermarket products from Ukraine model companies (Kits news), Listener Emails and Interviews with Taras Karabyn and Ilya Sobolev (Armory Models), Yurek Yackubov (Alcohol Ukelele), and Alexa Belov (Proper Plane).

While it’s mind-boggling to think of how many kits are coming out of Ukraine, here are a few highlighted in the episode that struck my fancy. First up, Ace’s GAZ 66b Truck, I’m not sure why but my interest has really ramped up in big military trucks ever since I heard about and bought a Thunder Model Pioneer Schamell. Sure, it still sits unbuilt in my stash but one day! The second model is the upcoming in process ICM “Sally” ( I have to admit the Ju-88A-8 with Paravane cutters looks weird enough for me to buy as well). There were a bunch others and aftermarket products covered and for a complete list check out the episode’s show notes. Both Chris and Jose had high praise for ResKit’s triple ejector racks – so much so, I looked them up just for shits and giggles!

In the interviews we learn a bit about how the war has affected both the businesses and personal lives of Taras Karabyn, Yurek Yackubov, Jose Brito and Alexa Belov. I’m not going to write out a transcript here but will say, you should listen to this episode (and the previous two) if you want to get a real feel for life in a war zone. Listen and you’ll hear how the Ukraine economy is shot, how children need bomb shelters to attend school, how shops are lost to missile attacks and most importantly how you can help support the model businesses and people of Ukraine.

One way to help is to preorder Chris’s new book ‘Models For Ukraine, Vol 2‘. All profits will again be donated for humanitarian aid to the Disaster Emergency Committee in the UK to help the people of Ukraine. The other big way to help is by supporting the model businesses in Ukraine. The episode show notes will list links to them. For my part I ordered the Armor Model’s Fairey Flycatcher today. Wish me luck because I’ve never done rigging! And just to be clear, Chris did not pay me to write this. I personally bought volume 1, support this podcast as a patreon and purchased from Armory Models featured in this episode.

There you go, a new podcast with a purpose. Check it out.

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Ukrainian Model Manufacturers include:
SP Designs
Laser Model Graver

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