Sprue Cutters Union Podcast Ep31

“Dentistry, Dick Jokes, featuring David Lane and Andy Canning from Scale Scotland.”

What’s Not Happening Here. One more day dining with the kelts (spawned female steelhead fish) and then it’s back to the bench. I had every intention of clipping and gluing the Necrons at the office today but despite the cooler weather, the regional forest fires made it a bit uncomfortable. The two river pictures above were taken only a day apart and as you can see the smoke just loves to settle in along the river.

Sprue Cutters Union Ep31.

What Are You Up To? When a modeling podcast episode can move me to spend money, it’s done its job properly. And this episode did just that within the first 15 minutes! Tracy’s high praise for the new publication (Modelling AFV Armour) from Inside The Armour had me ordering my very own copy. How could I not with the AFV M16 Halftrack sitting on my shelf begging to be built! This section also finds Chris taking one step forward, two steps back and Will continuing his boondoggle dance with foiling.

In The Mail Bag listeners question the juvenile nature of jokes on the podcast, Joe doubles down with Will on the 3hr podcast length and Rob Booth (IPMS Secretary), while not pushing one system over the other, hopes to see IPMS members have their day in court on the issue of judging.

Burrs Under the Saddle. Could this be an ongoing segment or just an outlet for blowing off steam? Burr#1. Scale effect. Does it appeal to science but the science not measure up or is it just modeling bullshit? Burr#2. Tamiya’s line inside their new bottle. Is it the level to add thinner for the perfect spray concentration? If it made it here, you can bet it’s just more childish bullshit 😉 I hope this one continues!

Writing Magazine Articles. Some sage advice from the hosts include:

  1. Send in submissions. Publishers generally won’t come looking for yours.
  2. Take good photos and use a white background.
  3. Use good lighting.
  4. Label photos.
  5. Write a draft text but don’t over edit and do proof read.
  6. Provide captions if the publisher uses or requires them.

Andy Cunning Interview. Scale Scotland. Two things stood out in this segment. 1) the use of a Master Class for model judging. Stellar models are pulled from a category and put into a separate Master Class for judging. This opens up the original category for a more even competition with the idea to not discourage beginning or mediocre modelers from competing and 2) Bacon rolls or should I say, thin pork chops on a bun are weird. And yes, the North American Bacon version is better 😉 There, someone had to say it.

David Lane Interview. Here we get a bit of David’s background and find Napoleonic figures and WWI airplanes are his favorite. David is a dentist and relates that he find manual dexterity most important for modeling and especially in painting figures. His advice for painting figures: prime with 3 coats (any old primer will do), use acrylics on leather and flesh, and use matte Humbrol enamels (again 3 coats) on cloth. Over this he applies oils to take advantage of the good blending characteristics and bakes them in a dehydrator.

So, there you have it, another episode chocked full of cool, useful modeling goodness.

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers

Find links to SCU and other modeling podcasts at modelpodcasts.com

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