On The Bench Ep146

“US IPMS President David Lockhart”

Bench Mews. One little, two little, three little Necrons … I finally got the starter set of Necron Warriors assembled and along with the Ultramarines I can now move on to painting both groups. Assembly was straight forward although I did have to reference the more detailed instructions that came with the Elite set. My plan is to redo the one Ultramarine that turned out too dark with the application of Agrax Earthshade, finish the rest and then paint up the Necrons. Live and learn. I’m tempted to set them aside and work on Friedrich instead but that will need to wait till after my upcoming fishing trip to Kelly Creek, ID. It’s a tough job being retired but someone has to do it 😉

On The Bench Ep146.

What’s Up, Listener’s Emails, News from the Falcon and an interview with David Lockhart (U.S. IPMS President) cover this episode of OTB. The episode starts with What’s Up and Ian solving his Frot-Laffly mishap mentioned in the last episode with a new kit and soon to be purchased, fresh on the market, 3D printed wheels. Youngster Julian moves ahead on his Singer-Porsche 911, he and Dave wrangle over how to pronounce Celica, American or Aussie, and with Ian talk tinted clearcoat techniques. In addition, we learn that Ian has started his first SciFi, an Andreas Miniature Space Hunter, Julian a Russian MRLS in Finnish markings and Dave struggles with decals on his rocket.

Listener’s email. Listeners wrote in about Starcraft Space Marines, Gee Bee Racers, Super Hornets, Malcolm Childs Models 4 Heroes, and … wait for it, … fried cheese curds. We also learn that a lawsuit may soon be filed by the newly formed law firm of Dave (OTB) & Dave (PMM) over an Aussie Modeling TV show.

Falcon. The Falcon writes in with news about a ton of new kits. Aircraft include: (Arma P-39Q Airacobra, Dora Wings Vultee P-66 Vanguard Fighter, BPK P-8A Poseidon, Eastern Express Blackburn Shark (repackage of an old Frog model?), Rubicon Bell UH-1D/1H “Huey” 1:56 (wargaming scale), IBG Models PZL/IAR P.11F, FW 190D Prototype, MiG-29 in Polish Air Force, Sword Models Mitsubishi G4M-1 “Betty“, HK B-25J Mitchell, Autos: Airfix Jaguar E Type Starter Set, Ships: Trumpeter Gneisenau Battleship, HobbyBoss BB-63 USS Missouri, and Military Vehicles: Lanchester Aftermarket Wheels, Leopard II Tanks (Meng, Vespid, Trumpeter), Italeri T34/76 1942, Micro-Mir Dictator 13 Inch Mortar, five 1:72 tanks from IBG, three from HobbyBoss including the Scammell Commander, Trumpeter’s Iron Dome System, and soon to be released Academy Sdkfz 251/1 Aus.F.C Halftrack and a Panzer IV Ausf.J Early. The Falcon finishes up with a couple of model business closures. In Other News the hosts mention KLP Publishing has put out Building the British Phantoms Vol 1 and that Eduard has announced its October releases.

US IPMS President David Lockhart Interview. We learn a bit of David’s background and how he got into the hobby and that sailing ship models are his favorite to build. David goes on to talk about IPMS, its mission (to make better modelers and attract new modelers) and how it’s relevant to today’s modelers. David relates several goals for the organization including promoting the hobby and helping local chapters in running local shows. Future steps include updating the organization’s bylaws and constitution, improving IPMS’ exposure on social media, promoting IPMS via hobby stores & distributors, and exploring the potential of setting up Zoom clubs. Additional topics of concern are the possible use of barcodes/QR codes at competitions and how to improve or change the judging system. While nothing is written in stone IPMS appears to be willing to have discussions on many of these issues.

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers

You can find links to OTB and other modeling podcasts at modelpodcasts.com

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