Just Making Conversation S2Ep14

“Duxford Day Release”

My Temporary Office View. Again, I’ve not had much time at the bench but did manage to dig out the P-51 Mustang from my stash. Not that I’m going to start it but since the current JMC podcast involved searching for Moosaroo P-51 reference pictures, it seemed appropriate. Yes, I know that the 2023 Moosaroo Cup model is the new and improved Arma Hobby P-51 B/C but you work with what ya got 😉 Bonus pictures are of my office mates and view.

Just Making Conversation S2Ep14. James and Malcolm made the trek to the Imperial War Museum (Duxford, UK) in search of Mustang reference photos for Malcolm to use in building JMC’s Moosaroo Cup entry. The field of contestants has grown this year to at least eight if not nine commensurate with the increase in modeling podcasts and Malcolm wants every advantage. Nice guy that he and James are, they have shared their journey and photos (100+) with listeners in this episode and on the JMC Facebook page.

The episode starts with listener comments then quickly moves on to the Imperial War Museum walk through. Malcolm and James take in more than just the Mustang and ice cream, finding many other things to photograph both inside and outside of the museum’s buildings. The Etta Jeanne II and the Berlin Express (the trip’s holy grail) were viewed and documented by the long arm of James and the short stature of Malcolm.

Do check out this episode and the related Facebook photos. Hats off to Malcolm and James for sharing and their dedication to the 2023 Moosaroo Cup!

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers

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