Sprue Cutters Union Podcast Ep31

“Dentistry, Dick Jokes, featuring David Lane and Andy Canning from Scale Scotland.” What’s Not Happening Here. One more day dining with the kelts (spawned female steelhead fish) and then it’s back to the bench. I had every intention of clipping and gluing the Necrons at the office today but despite the cooler weather, the regionalContinue reading “Sprue Cutters Union Podcast Ep31”

Just Making Conversation S2Ep5

Hobby Clubs: Inspired by (likely former) listener, asking how can you promote a face-to-face hobby club in this day and age? Scale Model Clubs & Model Societies: Are they important, just how do they work, what benefits and cons? Malcom and James plumb the depths of hobby and social clubs and give a number ofContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2Ep5”

On The Bench Ep131

HeritageCon 2022 Dave, the model podcast godfather, chats with Duncan, Ian and Allan of IPMS Hamilton about HeritageCon 2022. Dave also talks about his building the Moosaroo Cup kit for this year’s OTB entry. The pressure is on since OTB won the last two and the field now includes a number of other podcast entries.Continue reading “On The Bench Ep131”