Model Geeks Podcast Ep49

“Intakes …. Yep, they suck!”

Benchtime, Moscow, Idaho. The base for Friedrich is coming along nicely. The resin has set up and I added snow using the toilet paper + glue method. Once the “snow” is dry I’ll add some frozen tuffs and Valhallan Blizzard to complete the scene. Weathering Friedrich with oils and attaching him to the base should finish up this project unless I can figure out a way to simulate frost on his canopy and hitting the entire model with directional blowing snow. Barring those yet uncommitted tweeks, I’m hoping to have it done for the Northwest Scale Modelers Show in Seattle, WA on the 18th-19th of February.

ModelGeeks Podcast Ep49 (02:33:00) (02/02/2023. The short version for this episode: Geek News, What’ja Working On?, New Kits, What’ja Buy, Shows & Contests, and the Main topic “Intakes”.

It’s sounds like there might be a modeling slow down in 2023 for some of the ModelGeeks. Work has Nemo in Florida, Darrin predicts a Sno-zilla event for Maryland, Frilldo plans a trip to Iceland to watch dumpster blow about and Whitey hits the wedding circuit big time. But the podcasts keep coming and with the 50th episode on the horizon, the Geeks are nonetheless pumped!

Of particular interest in Geek News was the mention of a bug out kit and a potential future topic on “How to Build on the Road.” I would think you would have to decide whether to build or paint and plan accordingly. If building, what to include in the travel kit without taking your entire bench is important! A minimal tool set that includes nippers, sanding sticks, Xacto knife and tweezers for sure. I might even throw in an 8x1o” cutting mat and probably an unstarted kit or maybe just a sub-assembly.

If painting is to be the focus, a decision might be to either brush paint or airbrush. That 3 gal tank air compressor might be a bit much but one of those new fangled portable air brush kits might just be the ticket to add to the list. The problem really comes with the variety of liquids generally needed. Glue, paint and thinners can be tricky. Recently, I took a set of Space Wolves to paint down to my local 40k club house Friday night get together and ended up aliquoting water, thinner and brush restorer into scintillation vials to minimize stuff to carry. The bulkiest items were the wet palette and the skewer/alligator clip holder (converted kitty scratch pad). Still, getting to chat with the other gamers while painting made the effort worth it.

The Main Topic, “Intakes”. This was a very specific topic to tackle, one that I have not had to deal with but still found very interesting. Seams seemed (pardon the pun) to be the main problem when dealing with intakes. Various ways to sand, putty and use sham intake trunks are mentioned as was the Killz method. That last would be a perfect for a Geek video! For those who want the easy way out, intake plugs or (gasp) covers can be made easily. The Geeks do a great job of describing the ways they deal with intakes and how they go about using the different techniques. For greater details grab a pen and paper and give a listen to the episode. In fact, you may want to bookmark or download it for future reference.

Time to head back to the bench. I have a few Space Wolves to repaint 😉

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers


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