Plastic Posse Podcast Ep62

“Catching up with Uncle Night Shift, Passion For Your Work, Balancing Realism vs Impressionism”

Bench Update: Moscow, Idaho. I had a bit of negative modeling this week at the bench. Maybe not really negative but a learning experience nonetheless. I painted the Thunderwolf Cavalry wolves but really didn’t like the way they turned out so I set about striping them. As the paint was barely dry 24hrs I used the Simple Green method. It worked out pretty well and after watching several more YouTube videos I’m ready to tackle them again. Heck, I might even try a couple in blue fur 😉

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep62 (03:04:56) 01/31/2023. “Catching up with Uncle Night Shift, Passion For Your Work, Balancing Realism vs Impressionism”. Ivan’s new job, new glue base and new mojo! I think it’s safe to say they can be attributed to the positive effects of the Hamburger Snuggie.

The new format for the Posse is pretty sweet. I liked the bookend discussions, feedback and interview segments. Each seemed to flow nicely and allowed each person to contribute. The first discussion, “Have passion for your work” was a little esoteric initially until Grant rephrased it from “Love your work but don’t fall in love with your work” bringing in the bit about passion. Ivan’s comment “we shouldn’t do stuff unless we really want to do it” pointed out to me the importance of enjoying a build. While, I don’t do commissions or have a full time job modeling, I can see how those things could suck the mojo out of a hobby. Builds can be frustrating at times but in the end I can always look back and say they were good builds!

Listener Feedback spawned a great discussion on weathering products. Hearing each host’s advice had me writing down a bunch of new products to look up. I especially appreciated the simplistic 3-product recommendations for MiG Ammo Oil Brushes (from JB) and the trio of pigments (from TJ). Scott, Grant and Ivan each had additional recommendations worth considering!

Interview with Uncle Night Shift. “My friends” (said in my best Night Shift voice) this interview is the one to listen if you are into armor. And even if you’re not! In it, you’ll hear Martin Kovac tell what helped him level up in 2022, what his human side is really like, what recently changed in his style, do projects always turn out as he imagines, and why he brought about changes to his YouTube Channel format. Always a good listen!

The final discussion in this episode involved “Historical Accuracy vs Artistic Interpretation“. I must admit it was sort of anticlimactic after listening to the Kovac interview and frankly, not something I fret about. I suppose I lean mostly to the artistic interpretation side of modeling with an occasional nod to historical accuracy. Not that it isn’t important but it’s not something that determines my ultimate enjoyment from modeling. But you might feel different and I might change as I progress down the road.

Give a listen to this episode!

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