ModelGeeks Podcast Ep41

“Modeling an Icon” – Interview with Spencer Pollard. As you can see, my canning moved on to Dilly Carrots. Hey, the are delicious and necessitated a trip to the local farmer’s market. And I’m not sharing. The ModelGeeks Podcast Ep 41. The Geeks cover their usual gamut of topics including What’s on the bench, 2023Continue reading “ModelGeeks Podcast Ep41”

ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep40

“Pushing through a problem/finding solutions.” What’s not happening on my bench. A whole lot of not modeling, for sure. Working again this extended weekend has disrupted my retirement schedule but fortunately the commute and work environment allow me a lot of flexibility to listen to modeling podcast and hopefully get caught up on a bitContinue reading “ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep40”

Podcast Roundup 8/18/22

Mews from outside the litter box. After finishing up the Chinook last week I decided to continue clearing up my bench of unfinished models and move on to the Tamiya M3 Stuart Light Tank. Originally, I planned to convert it into a British Honey used in North Africa using the Verlinden conversion set. What anContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 8/18/22”

ModelGeeks Podcast Ep36

Meet one of the OG Geeks, He’s all the “Rage”! What’s on my Bench?Even before getting to the gold trim, of which I managed to use the wrong one, I found myself painting the three Space Marines with the Macragge Blue, fixing mistakes with Abaddon Black, then touching up with Macragge Blue only to goContinue reading “ModelGeeks Podcast Ep36”

ModelGeeks Podcast Ep35

“Ah, It’s Time To Get Serious! You Remember Your “Ah Ha” Moment?” My Modeling WorldI haven’t seen the new Top Gun Movie. But … it sounds like a trip to the theatre is in order. That aside, I have been priming MechWarriors, Warhammer 40k Space Marines and Gullet Cove Cats. The latter in preparation forContinue reading “ModelGeeks Podcast Ep35”

The ModelGeeks Podcast Ep34

‘Meet Our Good Friends at Detail & Scale’ My Local Modeling World.This past Saturday a number of the Palouse Area Modelers helped the Clarkston, WA VFW Post 1443 celebrate their Open House featuring the future veterans center with a mini model show. Seven of us displayed models, talked with the public and played scenarios ofContinue reading “The ModelGeeks Podcast Ep34”

The ModelGeeks Podcast Ep33

“Painting Natural Metal Finishes’ The ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep33 ‘Painting Natural Metal Finishes’.The ModelGeeks, down one but back to full strength with guest host, Justin Lintz, bring a number of insights to modelers everywhere. They immediately tie into the importance of having a group of local modelers (eg. their “Text Group”) that can help trouble shoot,Continue reading “The ModelGeeks Podcast Ep33”

April Showers.

Out like a lion, in like a lamb? Yeah, naw. What’s on my bench. Friedrich is slowly coming together. This, being my first Ma.K., it has been quite the learning curve. I find myself constantly going back and forth on assembling – do I glue something or do I just snap fit it for disassembly?Continue reading “April Showers.”

March Not-So-Madness

A different approach. What’s on my bench. It’s been a roller coaster of a month but things a slowly getting back to normal? Not much progress on the modeling front although I did get a top coat on the Chinook gunship I’ve been working on. That and the rotors are nearly done. A modeling buddyContinue reading “March Not-So-Madness”