ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep46

“Leveling Up”

ModelGeek’s Podcast Ep46 (11/26/2022) “Leveling Up! What build or technique changed you as a modeler?”

Down their fearless leader, Frilldo, Whitey and Nemo tackle Episode 46 alone with style, grace and banter amongst themselves. They cover things they are working on, what’s breaking in hobby news, new kits that caught their fancy, stuff they bought, and run through listener mail all before getting to models or techniques that made them better. It’s safe to say that secret squirrels, Christmas woes and ear plugs are a dog’s breakfast highlight in this 2hr+ episode. Yes, Frilldo is building something big and it’s a safe bet to buy modelers models for Christmas. As for the dog’s breakfast I’m planning on dropping off my Kinetics 1:48 A-6E Intruder to the dog park to be used for a game of fetch 😉

Seriously though, the Geek’s Tool & Tip listing multiple uses for earplugs is one I’ll have to keep in mind but my excitement over the Kinetic Intruder dropped a few notches after hearing how bad a kit it really is. It was the second kit I bought after getting back into the hobby and reminded me of my days as a Navy air traffic controller seeing trans-lant air wings pass through NAS Bermuda on their way to the Azores and beyond. What’s the saying? “the bloom is off the rose”.

The special topic du jour was summed up aptly by Nemo when he talked about the three things that made him a better modeler: 1) meeting Mark, 2) buying a compressor and 3) joining a club. In my case, it was meeting Bob, Don and Adam, buying an airbrush/compressor/spray booth and joining my local model club, the IPMS Palouse Area Modelers. It couldn’t have been said any better so surround yourself with other modelers better than you are, invest in good equipment and join a club.

There you go, another great episode to help up your game. Give a listen!

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