On The Bench Ep152

“Catching Up”

News from the litter box. Mahila and Friedrich got a bit more lashings this evening but I swear, it seems like I take one step forward, only to be two steps back. I tried adding a gentle wash of reddish/purple around the faces but in the end it looked like both were suffering from some sort of plague rash. In the end, I re-touched the faces with the darker flesh tone and it’ll have to do for now. Almost as bad was Friedrich’s flight suit where I tried several different blues as was the Molotow liquid chrome on the visor. I think it best if I let them sit for a couple of days to contemplate the errors of my ways and in the meantime I’ll pull out the Me-323.

On The Bench Ep102 (11/25/2022) Dave, Ian and Julian are back with a butt load of listener emails and hobby news from none other than the Falcon. Things start out with a discussion of Julian’s brakes, timing chain and the advantages of working on land yachts. Ian is still waiting on airbrush parts while Dave finished the Hawk despite his real job responsibilities. Good on you Dave!

Other News included the launching of the OTB On Your Bench Facebook page and review of Chris Meddings’ Models For Ukraine Vol 2 book currently available. Listener emails was the catching up part. I particularly liked Kellin’s mention of Ian’s tip to use a drop of color in the last clear coat on a model and Andrew’s wooden ship comment. Both emails were worth the price of admission. The Falcon covered everything new from Airfix to Wingnut Wings and back again.

In all, I learned that the hobby isn’t a speculative sport but rather is supposed to entail buying and hoarding, that the social media model pitchfork brigade can be rather fickle and that Ian is now a tier one customer at his local hobby shop and shall henceforth be affectionately known as the “Whale” to the staff.

Episode 102 is now available at all fine podcast locations. Give a listen!

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers


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