Models From Ukraine Ep7

“Ilya Sobolev, DBMK and a special message from Reskit”

Table Fare and My Model Bench. Is there anything better than a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers and diet coke with vanilla rum to gear up for time at the bench? Of course there is, listening to the Models From Ukraine podcast Ep7 followed by the PPP 72nd in 72 livestream. Okay, so there might have been more than one rum & coke involved šŸ˜‰ Still, I was pleased with my start on painting flesh tones on Friedrich, Mahida. and a couple of D&D figures. Heck, I even got a couple of Necrons painted with Runelord Brass. Interestingly enough, I base coated the Necrons with a different silver paint over black and saw a subtle difference when using the Runelord Brass. Painting is so much fun and daunting at the same time!

Models From Ukraine Ep7 (11/24/2022) This is another great episode from Chris that really helps to keep the events in Ukraine front and center for me. I think he strikes a nice balance between featuring kits from Ukraine and reminding us of the struggles the people of Ukraine (especially the model manufacturers) continue to go through during this war. Chris is joined by Ilya Sobolev on this episode as they talk models, Telford and interview Alexy from Reskit. Kits from ACE, AMP, Armory, Breeze (okay, this one is de-kals), Clear Prop and ICM are reviewed by Chris and Ilya. I will admit, Chris did shatter my dream when he mentioned the size of the Kriegsfischkutter was only 1-2 inches long. I mean, just look at the box art! Who wouldn’t want to build this in 1:35 šŸ˜‰ but I suppose I’ll have to settle for using it in Cruel Seas!

Chris and Ilya also talk about their experiences at Telford and Ilya gives a bit of background and starting DB Model Kits, the 1:48 Scimitar F Mk.1 and 1:32 de Havilland Hornet, and their next project, the 1:32 Sea Fury FB.11 models. Except for the size, that Hornet looks pretty spectacular. I just don’t know where I would put it, let alone have the bench space to build it. But I’m sure there are many who would and will.

Alexy gives an update on how Reskit is fairing and mentions the Black Friday sale they are running. While there, checkout the New Releases (Reskit Patches) as a way to support Ukraine.

Chris and Ilya finish up with ways to support Ukraine with a list of charities in the show notes. Check out the show notes for links to the charities and an extensive list of Ukraine model manufacturers.

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