2022 The Year In Review

My Model Sphere and Podcast reviews. It’s that time of the year when a pragmatic review is in order, both from the bench and of my online reviews. Models In The Case (finished models). I finished the ACH-47A Chinook Gunship, the “Night Patrol” Walnut Challenge Group Build, and the M3 Stuart with base. Finishing theContinue reading “2022 The Year In Review”

Podcast Roundup 10/6/2022

All Your Podcasts are Mine! Seattle, WA “Museum of Flight” Road Trip. Sometimes it’s better to let things slide when something really important comes up – and in this case, reviewing podcasts took a back seat to a trip over to the west side! Back in late September a couple of the guys from myContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 10/6/2022”

Podcast Roundup 8/18/22

Mews from outside the litter box. After finishing up the Chinook last week I decided to continue clearing up my bench of unfinished models and move on to the Tamiya M3 Stuart Light Tank. Originally, I planned to convert it into a British Honey used in North Africa using the Verlinden conversion set. What anContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 8/18/22”

JMC triple feature and Disintegrating Decals.

Disintegrating Decals. What’s happening on my bench. Ugh. Bah. Doh! I’ve been chugging along with the ACH-47A Gunship build hoping to get it done sooner rather than later but the latest decal disaster has caused me to wonder about the meaning of life, or at least the sanity of applying decals. The Italeri kit decalsContinue reading “JMC triple feature and Disintegrating Decals.”

April “Make Up Your Mind” Weather

Road trip & Podcasts Roundup. My Modeling Sphere. Good Friday found myself and two of my modeling buddies traveling north to visit the not-so-local hobby shops. But first on the list was breakfast at the Breakfast Club in town because everyone knows you must have sustenance to sustain oneself on such a quest. After fillingContinue reading “April “Make Up Your Mind” Weather”

April Snow Showers?

Competition and Club Meetings. This afternoon was my local IPMS club meeting, the IPMS Palouse Area Modelers. A monthly gathering of model minded individuals in Moscow, Idaho. It’s always dicey in the wintertime when the roads are not at their best and waking up to this made me pause as I thought about our clubContinue reading “April Snow Showers?”

April Showers.

Out like a lion, in like a lamb? Yeah, naw. What’s on my bench. Friedrich is slowly coming together. This, being my first Ma.K., it has been quite the learning curve. I find myself constantly going back and forth on assembling – do I glue something or do I just snap fit it for disassembly?Continue reading “April Showers.”