February 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup

My Modeling Mews. February found fellow modeler Bob and me heading over to the Northwest Scale Modelers Show at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA. It was everything promised. Last I heard there were over 6000 folks attending the two days but I haven’t heard numbers for modelers displaying or models displayed. All IContinue reading “February 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup”

Scale Model Podcast Ep110

“Nuremberg Toy Fair” Seattle Bound! Modeling this week consisted mostly of finishing my “Angels’ Revenge” diorama for the Northwest Scale Modelers Show this upcoming weekend. That and pulling out the models I plan on taking to the show. This will be my first time going and I’m looking forward to seeing all the models andContinue reading “Scale Model Podcast Ep110”

January 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup

From My Bench. Inspired by a Squidmar Miniatures Youtube video (Painting Space Wolves & Unique Snow Base) I set about starting a base for Friedrich (though not quite finished). This involved creating a depression in the wood base, buying a Blue Angels model kit and cutting it up before embedding it in epoxy to createContinue reading “January 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup”

A Thanksgiving Podcast Smorgasbord 11/24/2022

Moscow Modeling Mews. Last Sunday I sat down at the bench and found myself overwhelmed by all the clutter so I spent the morning clearing, dusting, organizing and putting away several of the in-progress kits. I know some can ignore everything and focus on the model at hand in the midst of a hoarders’ paradise,Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Podcast Smorgasbord 11/24/2022”

Podcast Roundup 11/13/2022

Pew, pew, pew, pew! Well, it looks like another week has flown by and life has conspired to cram more podcasts into it while piling on additional outside activities. As I sit here at the computer there are Old English Christmas Carols playing in the background. Why? Because for the next few weeks I haveContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 11/13/2022”

Podcast Roundup 10/9/2022

Fast, Faster and Showing Off the Good Stuff! My Model Bench. The IPMS Palouse Area Modelers show was a week ago (Oct 1st) and with that over I can get Friedrich back on the bench. The show was great with close to 150 models on the tables. Attendance was good and the door prizes andContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 10/9/2022”

Podcast Roundup 8/18/22

Mews from outside the litter box. After finishing up the Chinook last week I decided to continue clearing up my bench of unfinished models and move on to the Tamiya M3 Stuart Light Tank. Originally, I planned to convert it into a British Honey used in North Africa using the Verlinden conversion set. What anContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 8/18/22”

Scale Model Podcast Ep99

Ground and Sea. Mews from the litter box. Sometimes modeling has to take a backseat to the much needed string change for the Teton (guitar) and Breedlove (mandolin). I absolutely love the sound of new strings! The modeling benefit is the extra bit of strings that I saved for armor antenna. Scale Model Podcast EpContinue reading “Scale Model Podcast Ep99”

Scale Model Podcast Ep95

“Back Again – Again!“ Apple strikes again! After some RSS feed issues Scale Model Podcast finally showed up in my Podcast App. I’m sure Stuart didn’t appreciate the headaches right out of the blocks after his time off. But I’m glad to see it resolved. My BenchOther than a bit of re-priming on the StuartContinue reading “Scale Model Podcast Ep95”