Plastic Model Mojo Ep73

On location at the 2022 MMCL Invitational. Breaking out the Litter. Bases by Tim this week got off to a good start with my finally getting around to painting up the Marsden Mat for the ACH-47A Chinook Gunship. After consulting my resident Vietnam Helicopter expert (Bob) and doing copious amounts of googling, I settled onContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep73”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep71

Waxing Nostalgic. My Non-Modeling Sphere. It’s been two weeks since my last review and in that time I’ve spent four days fly fishing on one of my favorite spots near the Idaho-Montana border, canning a bit of wild blackberries into jam and working nearly half that time remotely for a sick acquaintance from my formerContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep71”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep71

“1/72 figures for dioramas with Steve Hustad” Litterbox Nuggets. Filling in for a former co-worker down with Covid has kept me away from the bench and given me a pause from finishing up my 40k Ultramarines. And that was probably a good thing as I was really disappointed with the way the Agrax Earthshade muddiedContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep71”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep70

Mind the Gap – Dr Strangebrush Talks Seams. Litter Box Nugget. This episode really had a bunch of salient points that really resonated with me. In particular was Dave’s mention of modelers hanging on to sanding sticks, sponges, etc. long past their prime. Guilty as charged and as a penitence I tossed many of thoseContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep70”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep66

Dude … I leveled up! My Modeling WorldNot much since yesterday’s post except a little paint on the Space Marines as I listened to the PPP LiveStream this afternoon. The Plastic Posse and ModelGeeks teamed up to talk models, 3D printing wishlists and Omaha anticipation. If you missed it you can find it on FacebookContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep66”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep65

Real Space Modeling My Modeling SphereOkay, I don’t have any “real space” models in my stash but after listening to the latest from PMM, I’m thinking maybe I need to add a few Mercury, Gemini and/or Apollo capsule models in the stash. Mike Maclowski’s walk through the early years of the US Space program conjuredContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep65”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep62

Roscoe Turner Show. Go back to sleep. That’s my refrain to Sunkist every morning between 5 and 6am! Mike and Dave (and Mike’s son) made the trip up to the Roscoe Turner Show. This podcast covers several interviews during the show along with listener’s emails, a Mojo job posting ;), Wagons Ho! and bench topicsContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep62”