Just Making Conversation S2Ep15

Workspaces. On your lap or in a purpose built workshop? Where do you do it? What do you need to hand? When is a space too small? Too big? What size is right? Malcolm and James debate the topic of workspaces and how any size can be utilized and provide benefits. It’s not the sizeContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2Ep15”

Just Making Conversation S2Ep14

“Duxford Day Release” My Temporary Office View. Again, I’ve not had much time at the bench but did manage to dig out the P-51 Mustang from my stash. Not that I’m going to start it but since the current JMC podcast involved searching for Moosaroo P-51 reference pictures, it seemed appropriate. Yes, I know thatContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2Ep14”

Podcast Roundup 8/18/22

Mews from outside the litter box. After finishing up the Chinook last week I decided to continue clearing up my bench of unfinished models and move on to the Tamiya M3 Stuart Light Tank. Originally, I planned to convert it into a British Honey used in North Africa using the Verlinden conversion set. What anContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 8/18/22”

Just Making Conversation Ep2:12

Mistakes: cockups, Fluff Ups, and learning the hard way. What are the errors that we make again and again? Nuggets from the Litterbox. This week I finally knuckled down and tried applying an oil wash to the CH-47A Gunship. At first, I used olive but quickly found it really didn’t add to the weathering soContinue reading “Just Making Conversation Ep2:12”

Just Making Conversation S2:Ep8

“Can of Worms” Why do some subjects within the hobby explode like a can of worms might? Malcom and James tackle the sticky wicket of controversial topics one all too often finds on social media sites. You know, those perennial subjects that pop up and immediately garner a spat of diametrically opposed opinions. The questionContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2:Ep8”

Just Making Conversation S2:Ep7

Adult Beginners. How do you make it easier for new modelers to climb that slippery learning curve? A friend, colleague or acquaintance notices a model on your desk or in you home or maybe even gets a glimpse at your bench and start making comments that they might like to do something similar. What canContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2:Ep7”

Electric Style or Eyes Glazing Over!

Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep22Just Making Conversation S2Ep7 My Ship Has Come In! All is well with the world now that my HobbyLink Japan order successfully navigated the Pacific Ocean. Three Machenin Kreiger kits, a Raccoon, MK44 AmmoKnights and a Camel arrived yesterday and now sit next to my bench just begging for me toContinue reading “Electric Style or Eyes Glazing Over!”

JMC triple feature and Disintegrating Decals.

Disintegrating Decals. What’s happening on my bench. Ugh. Bah. Doh! I’ve been chugging along with the ACH-47A Gunship build hoping to get it done sooner rather than later but the latest decal disaster has caused me to wonder about the meaning of life, or at least the sanity of applying decals. The Italeri kit decalsContinue reading “JMC triple feature and Disintegrating Decals.”

Just Making Conversation S2:Ep4

Realism. It’s real and an ism.Let’s talk about it, as we are entirely qualified to do. JMC is consolidating their social media footprint by dropping Twitter and focusing more on Buy-Me-A-Coffee and Facebook. Dropping Instagram is still under consideration. James and Malcom run through emails/messages before getting into the topic at hand. While they planContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2:Ep4”

Just Making Conversation S2:Ep3

Wargaming Models. Do the disciplines of scale modeling (airplanes, tanks, etc.) and wargaming models overlap? James and Malcom open with emails and messages that cover everything from weathering with old port rum, fish bowls with keys to a reference about ‘Jeff the Cat’. Not sure of that last one. After going through the comments fromContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2:Ep3”