Plastic Model Mojo Ep81

The Wheel and the Jim Keep on Turnin’.

… Proud Mary keep on burning … and yes, CCR did it best 😉

My Bench Update. The wolf pack grows and so does the Me323. I do have to say there are a lot of seams around the edges of the Gigant’s main wings and ailerons. I’m thinking that flexi-file just might come in handy but I may wait to tackle that task until I put together the rudder and elevators. Painting the Space Wolves will be next, although I’m thinking I’ll assemble the Cyber Wolves so I can paint them all together. I suppose I could order a set of Fenrisian Wolves first but where does it end?

Speaking of the “Butterfly Effect”, I recently came across a wargaming podcast episode (The Butterfly Effect Ep66, Aug 1, 2022) that I really like. The podcast is called Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. In the episode mentioned they talked about the “Butterfly Effect” and described it as flitting from project to project following whims and how that can lead to a bunch of unfinished projects. Sound vaguely familiar? The discussion included the term FOMO (the fear of missing out) as a potential cause and how the effect can lead to a “Pile of Potential”, aka stash to put it in a positive light. All this made me realize wargamers haven’t cornered the market and the “Butterfly Effect” can describe an affliction suffered by many modelers, including myself! Witness my pile of wargames above. Six months ago it was Cruel Seas, last month it was Bolt Action, currently it’s Warhammer. In my defense, I do have a number of BattleMechs primed and a few coastal defense boats painted but none to the point of playability. I’m beginning to suspect I suffer a severe case of the “Butterfly Effect”. But hey, you can call me happy!

Plastic Model Mojo Ep81, 01/12/2023. (1hr, 49min)

Mike and Dave are joined by Jim Bates, Canadian Extraordinaire as they work their way through the usual episode segments: Model Spheres, Modeling Fluids, Favs and Yawns, Listener Mail and the Special Segment, “Wheel of Accidental Wisdom”.

What particularly caught my attention was the listener email concerning ‘sidebar comments’ overheard at a show. Maybe it’s an east coast thing but have not run across individuals in the modeling community that brazenly put down other forms of modeling or modelers that engage in subjects other than planes and armor. Perhaps I just haven’t been around the model show circuit long enough but I do know there are those narrow minded type of individuals around. One just has to look around in society in general to know that’s true. I suspect that if they were older modelers they were pretty set in their opinions. Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to wait for dinosaurs to die.

I believe how we express our likes and dislikes matters. I don’t care for heavy metal music (gag me with a spoon) or ukuleles (they are not real musical instruments) and it will be a cold day in hell when I build a Gundum/Gumpla (spiky anime cartoon derived roboti-things) but that’s me. What I don’t have is the right to tell others what to like or that they can’t like those things. Dave is right, we can learn from other genres and appreciate them. I do think Jim said it best when he said, “All Models Matter”.

Wheel of Accidental Wisdom. Random topic generated questions featured:

  • How much do you spend per month on models?
    $29.95 All models are $29.95. Same with guitars and flyrods. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it 😉
  • What would you eliminate from your hobby that would make you more efficient?
    Do other hobbies count?
  • What subject won’t you try because it’ll look bad?
    Sculpting figures.
  • What modeling related list do you track in a spreadsheet?
    None, unless you count Scalemates.
  • Boxes: keep or toss?
    I cut the boxtop artwork off to save and toss the rest.
  • What was your biggest modeling ah-ha?
    Using a MAC valve on my airbrush to easily adjust air pressure.
  • What modeling technique once loved is now rarely used?
    Wood carving?
  • Modeling Derelicts, Hyper extreme techniques?
    I’m sure this one made sense earlier but I have no clue now! While not a technique, the trend towards 1/16 armor and 1/32 aircraft mystifies me.
  • Have you ever forgotten a part and not realized it until it was too late to do anything?
    Yep. If that occurs it then goes into the spares box.

There you have it. For the correct answers check out Episode 81 😉

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Small Subjects Ep31

Tools (and other stuff) we CAN live without

Bench Chatter. The Me323 got a little love this afternoon with the assembling of the main wings. This kit has been a challenge as I tried to figure out what to assemble and when to assemble in light of painting. That really means following Great Wall Hobby’s instruction sheet is really more suggestive. I did run into a little bit of a snag when I realized some of the minute clear parts were nowhere to be found and most likely got tossed with the sprue weeks ago. However, this was a chance to test the latter half of Model Master Clear Parts Cement & Window Maker label claim. Certainly better than a sharp stick in the eye it will do the trick. Shrinkage seems to be the biggest problem and will require several applications. While the windows were curing I started assembling the Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry figures. I don’t know that I’ll ever understand 40k Warhammer gameplay and rules but the figures look wicked and will be fun to paint.

Small Subjects Ep31 (1/12/2023) – 1hr 23minutes

While sitting at the bench today I listened to the latest podcast from Small Subjects as Jim and Barry talked about tools and modeling products that they bought and found … less than useful. Some they found down right pointless, others just not up to the hype. They were honest about their reviews in that it could be operator error on their part and in the hands of others the tools may work just fine. Here are their top picks:

  • Glue loopers. My choice of glue applicators is a microbrush with the tip cut off. And they come in a variety of colors of green, yellow or white! 😉
  • Dremel Flexi Shaft. And as an added bonus, the Dremel shaft lock button.
  • Proxxon Mini Jig Saw On/Off switch. As in Real Estate it’s all location, location, location.
  • Micro-Mark Table Saw. Apparently the blade guard guards too well.
  • Micro-Mark Grab Wire Bending Gauge
  • Micro-Mark Etch Mate
  • Mission Models Paint. My experience with these paints was not pretty. Even after using their thinner and the polyurethane additive.
  • Vallejo Polyurethane Primer
  • Archimedes Spiral Push Hand Pin Vise.
  • Plastic Sanding Needles. The sprue nubs are still there, the mould line runs the length and the grit rubs off quickly rendering them pointless. Agreed.

Dishonorable mentions: Flexi-files, Infini Easy Cutting Mat, Washi tape and blue or green painters tape.

The upshot of the episode was not to knock any of these products but rather say they just didn’t work for them. The final piece of advice: don’t buy cheap tools.

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On The Bench Ep155

Hello 2023!

2023, In with the new! I started off the year by finishing Friedrich. Well, maybe not completely but to near completion. I ran into a problem (an errant glue mark) that required a bit of clear part polishing and a wee bit of repainting on the front panel. Decals were applied and Friedrich himself is now safely ensconced inside the Ma.K. I’m undecided about applying an oil wash to Friedrich as I kinda like the pristine look. Part of the hesitation is I can’t decide if a light or dark wash would work best. Hm. Progress was also made on Nahida (Sword Dancer, Sands of Sudd Tohst). Initially, I used dilute glazes of Model Color Blue (70.925) but thought it was too purplish and painted over it with Citadel’s Fenrisian Grey. It’s still a long way from being finished but I think I’ve pushed through the No Mojo phase. The Me323 also made a step forward. Getting rid of the seams required some doing. I tried black CA, then several applications of Mr Surfacer 1000 and finally a bit of Perfect Plastic Putty to tame the seams. Each step took painstaking sanding so as not to destroy the moulded ridges along the fuselage. Thanks, GWH?!? Finally, I assembled the new paint racks I received for Christmas which meant my entire bench needed a makeover.

On The Bench Ep155 (1/6/2023) Hello 2023.

The boys (Dave, Ian and Julian) open the podcast with a Christmas review, targeted Facebook ads pushing anti-aging men’s cream and a long, long, long discussion about car models. Sharpened crayons, sprue goo and copious body hair also made an appearance before they moved on to the Listener Mail and the many Model Reviews by the Falcon. The final segment in this episode was about their 2023 Plans. Master Woodworker Ian wants to finish “a” model this year while mass producing figure bases, Julian hopes to complete two armor, two scifi and three car kits and Dave lists breaking out his new 3D printer, attending four model shows and thinning out his stash. Again.

Being inspired (?), I’ve listed several areas I want to focus on in 2023. Music, Exercising, Models, Gardening and Fly Tying. I didn’t make it much past listing these five areas so maybe I will and maybe I won’t make progress. I’m retired so what the hell. I don’t need no stee-ken’ goals 😉 Peace out, Gloria.

If you haven’t already, check out the first model podcast of the year!

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2022 The Year In Review

My Model Sphere and Podcast reviews. It’s that time of the year when a pragmatic review is in order, both from the bench and of my online reviews.

Models In The Case (finished models). I finished the ACH-47A Chinook Gunship, the “Night Patrol” Walnut Challenge Group Build, and the M3 Stuart with base. Finishing the Stuart was a miracle in and of itself since it was suppose to incorporate the Verlinden Honey conversion. Pfffft. Also, the OV-10A technically was last year’s model but bled over into 2022 as it needed a few final touch ups.

On My Bench (stuff not finished). Mahila, Necrons, UltraMarines, Cruel Seas boats, BattleMechs and of course, Friedrich. While the former are in various stages Friedrich is nearly finished so who knows, maybe he’ll move up into the finished category by year’s end.

Modeling Adjacent. Shows and road trips consisted of taking in the Airshow at Fairchild AFB, entering models at the Palouse Area Modeler Show and displaying at the Clarkston VFW. Warhammer 40k, Memoir ’44, Cruel Seas, Bolt Action and BattleTech also managed to claim a bit of my time. Additional road trips to Seattle’s Museum of Flight and Spokane’s Historic Flight Foundation rounded out my 2022 modeling year. More than I thought, less than I hoped but the clock gets reset January 1st 🙂

Podcasts: the year in review. In the past year I posted 111 podcast reviews (3897 views by 1662 visitors). The most viewed review (106 views) was a roundup of several podcasts posted on 10/6/2022. Podcasts reviewed included the Scale Model Podcast, Plastic Posse Podcast, ModelGeeks’ Podcast, On The Bench, Plastic Model Mojo, Just Making Conversation, Models From Ukraine and the Sprue Cutters Union Podcast. Honorable mentions (inconsistently reviewed) went to Small Subjects, Built Sideways and the Modeling Miscreants Podcast. There were many more added as the year progressed and now the airwaves seem inundated with modeling podcasts of all sorts. December’s eight main podcasts (during which I decided to take a sabbatical) clocked in at over 22 hrs of listening time. Modeling content during the year at times was repetitive between the podcasts yet the overall flavor ranged from informative, conversational to “cover your ears” and check your asbestos underwear 😉 One major disappointment for me was the increase in sponsorship (advertisers) of the various podcasts that went from negligible to many, if not all, retaining at least two or more sponsors. The additional donations via patreon supporters is starting to make them seem more a commercial venture than a labor of love.

That said, my overall favorite was On The Bench, least favorite Built Sideways and most thought provoking the Sprue Cutters Union podcast.

There you have it. So long to 2002, and hello to 2023! Maybe the reviews will continue, maybe not. Cheers!

Just Making Conversation S2:Ep20

Airfix Factory Tour.

Snow Days! That refrain has lost a bit of meaning now that I’m retired but it does mean a suspension of my normal activities and an opportunity to spend a significant more time at the bench! Tomorrow we are expecting 3-6″.

Today, though, I found myself mixing the 40 or so bottles of paint that I picked up for a song a month ago. Tamiya and Citadel paint bottles have a large enough opening to allow me to use my Badger Paint Mixer but the Game Color, Army Painter and Vallejo dropper bottles are another story. Problem solved when I cut the flat end off one of my Tamiya paint stirrers and chucked it in the David 300. It really makes short work of mixing, especially getting to the bottom edges. After 20 bottles I did need to take a break and so painted Friedrich’s helmet with an undercoat of white in preparation for the gloss yellow top coat. Small steps.

Just Making Conversation S2:Ep20 (11/28/2022) Airfix factory tour. James and Malcolm were invited to see and experience first hand the ins and outs of making the new 1:24 Airfix Spitfire Mk IXc. They learned how a subject is picked, the research involved and the actual production of the kit from 3D scanning, incorporating that information into CAD to injecting plastic. In addition to Malcolm and James’ Super Secret visit to the Airfix factory you can also watch no less than five videos on YouTube of other’s factory visit on that day. Check it out on all good podcast apps.

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ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep46

“Leveling Up”

ModelGeek’s Podcast Ep46 (11/26/2022) “Leveling Up! What build or technique changed you as a modeler?”

Down their fearless leader, Frilldo, Whitey and Nemo tackle Episode 46 alone with style, grace and banter amongst themselves. They cover things they are working on, what’s breaking in hobby news, new kits that caught their fancy, stuff they bought, and run through listener mail all before getting to models or techniques that made them better. It’s safe to say that secret squirrels, Christmas woes and ear plugs are a dog’s breakfast highlight in this 2hr+ episode. Yes, Frilldo is building something big and it’s a safe bet to buy modelers models for Christmas. As for the dog’s breakfast I’m planning on dropping off my Kinetics 1:48 A-6E Intruder to the dog park to be used for a game of fetch 😉

Seriously though, the Geek’s Tool & Tip listing multiple uses for earplugs is one I’ll have to keep in mind but my excitement over the Kinetic Intruder dropped a few notches after hearing how bad a kit it really is. It was the second kit I bought after getting back into the hobby and reminded me of my days as a Navy air traffic controller seeing trans-lant air wings pass through NAS Bermuda on their way to the Azores and beyond. What’s the saying? “the bloom is off the rose”.

The special topic du jour was summed up aptly by Nemo when he talked about the three things that made him a better modeler: 1) meeting Mark, 2) buying a compressor and 3) joining a club. In my case, it was meeting Bob, Don and Adam, buying an airbrush/compressor/spray booth and joining my local model club, the IPMS Palouse Area Modelers. It couldn’t have been said any better so surround yourself with other modelers better than you are, invest in good equipment and join a club.

There you go, another great episode to help up your game. Give a listen!

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On The Bench Ep152

“Catching Up”

News from the litter box. Mahila and Friedrich got a bit more lashings this evening but I swear, it seems like I take one step forward, only to be two steps back. I tried adding a gentle wash of reddish/purple around the faces but in the end it looked like both were suffering from some sort of plague rash. In the end, I re-touched the faces with the darker flesh tone and it’ll have to do for now. Almost as bad was Friedrich’s flight suit where I tried several different blues as was the Molotow liquid chrome on the visor. I think it best if I let them sit for a couple of days to contemplate the errors of my ways and in the meantime I’ll pull out the Me-323.

On The Bench Ep102 (11/25/2022) Dave, Ian and Julian are back with a butt load of listener emails and hobby news from none other than the Falcon. Things start out with a discussion of Julian’s brakes, timing chain and the advantages of working on land yachts. Ian is still waiting on airbrush parts while Dave finished the Hawk despite his real job responsibilities. Good on you Dave!

Other News included the launching of the OTB On Your Bench Facebook page and review of Chris Meddings’ Models For Ukraine Vol 2 book currently available. Listener emails was the catching up part. I particularly liked Kellin’s mention of Ian’s tip to use a drop of color in the last clear coat on a model and Andrew’s wooden ship comment. Both emails were worth the price of admission. The Falcon covered everything new from Airfix to Wingnut Wings and back again.

In all, I learned that the hobby isn’t a speculative sport but rather is supposed to entail buying and hoarding, that the social media model pitchfork brigade can be rather fickle and that Ian is now a tier one customer at his local hobby shop and shall henceforth be affectionately known as the “Whale” to the staff.

Episode 102 is now available at all fine podcast locations. Give a listen!

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Models From Ukraine Ep7

“Ilya Sobolev, DBMK and a special message from Reskit”

Table Fare and My Model Bench. Is there anything better than a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers and diet coke with vanilla rum to gear up for time at the bench? Of course there is, listening to the Models From Ukraine podcast Ep7 followed by the PPP 72nd in 72 livestream. Okay, so there might have been more than one rum & coke involved 😉 Still, I was pleased with my start on painting flesh tones on Friedrich, Mahida. and a couple of D&D figures. Heck, I even got a couple of Necrons painted with Runelord Brass. Interestingly enough, I base coated the Necrons with a different silver paint over black and saw a subtle difference when using the Runelord Brass. Painting is so much fun and daunting at the same time!

Models From Ukraine Ep7 (11/24/2022) This is another great episode from Chris that really helps to keep the events in Ukraine front and center for me. I think he strikes a nice balance between featuring kits from Ukraine and reminding us of the struggles the people of Ukraine (especially the model manufacturers) continue to go through during this war. Chris is joined by Ilya Sobolev on this episode as they talk models, Telford and interview Alexy from Reskit. Kits from ACE, AMP, Armory, Breeze (okay, this one is de-kals), Clear Prop and ICM are reviewed by Chris and Ilya. I will admit, Chris did shatter my dream when he mentioned the size of the Kriegsfischkutter was only 1-2 inches long. I mean, just look at the box art! Who wouldn’t want to build this in 1:35 😉 but I suppose I’ll have to settle for using it in Cruel Seas!

Chris and Ilya also talk about their experiences at Telford and Ilya gives a bit of background and starting DB Model Kits, the 1:48 Scimitar F Mk.1 and 1:32 de Havilland Hornet, and their next project, the 1:32 Sea Fury FB.11 models. Except for the size, that Hornet looks pretty spectacular. I just don’t know where I would put it, let alone have the bench space to build it. But I’m sure there are many who would and will.

Alexy gives an update on how Reskit is fairing and mentions the Black Friday sale they are running. While there, checkout the New Releases (Reskit Patches) as a way to support Ukraine.

Chris and Ilya finish up with ways to support Ukraine with a list of charities in the show notes. Check out the show notes for links to the charities and an extensive list of Ukraine model manufacturers.

Check out this podcast and others at

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A Thanksgiving Podcast Smorgasbord 11/24/2022

Moscow Modeling Mews.

Last Sunday I sat down at the bench and found myself overwhelmed by all the clutter so I spent the morning clearing, dusting, organizing and putting away several of the in-progress kits. I know some can ignore everything and focus on the model at hand in the midst of a hoarders’ paradise, but not me. After a while it seems like slogging through molasses so have to tidy up before I can move on. It’s either that or I’m just a procrastinator supreme at heart 😉

On Monday I opened a shelter for Unwanted Shelf Queens and took in a C-124C Globemaster II from a fellow modeler. She was destined for the trash bin and what was I to do? Besides, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at foiling so with this plane, no harm, no foul. I can’t say it will make it off the shelf and into the cabinet but I can put it to upping my game. Said no one ever!

Wednesday was “hey, let’s try baking a blackberry pie” day for my contribution to the family Thanksgiving Day feast. First time for me and although it may not look the best, taste is everything. Or so I’m hoping. Wish me luck! Yep, delicious with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream!

With the pie safely baking in the oven, I set about priming a few Necrons (black then silver) and prepping Friedrich. I picked up a few cans of Tamiya white and black thinking to speed up the zenithal process and after creating a fog of war in the room where I set up my paint booth, decided to switch over to using an airbrush. Rattle cans are definitely an outdoors activity. I also needed to repair Mahida and give her another coat of white. I’m really looking forward to painting her.

On to the podcasts.

Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep36 (11/18/2022) “Livin’ the rivet counter life Yo, feat. John Chung, Shane Doak and David Parker.”

What’s Up? Here we find the hobby is dying or not (Chris), Will experiences visor chrome problems, Tracy attempts painting cat figure butt holes? The real question is will he paint the butt crumbles? Seriously, I’m tempted to order some of the 3D printed 1:35 Cats and one of those new Bench Mate II for armor.

Moving on to Burrs Under the Saddle. Burr #1. The Nazification of Star Wars models. I have to agree with Will that while the model in question was well executed it really seems to be just fantasy glorification of Nazi fetish, lazy and boring and in the end, lame. Burr #2. Hyperbole. An over exaggerated opinion with some poo-pooing the new Kotari Spitfire because of a small/minor fit or details problems. Folks need to be realistic. Mini Burr. Comparing it to the Airfix Mk IXc is like comparing apples to oranges. Different scales different versions. Mini Burr: Price complaining comparing ’80s kits to current kits.

Letters. More on rivet counters vs counting rivets.

Interview: John Chung. John talks about his Space Shuttle project and his 10 month palette cleanser the CF-18 Canadian Hornet. He also offers a tip on decal setting and softening solutions.

Interview: Shane Doak. Shane discusses his Tamiya F-4B talking chipping, oil stains and his worries with marbling and blending layers, or as Tracy affectionately calls “circling the block to park at the neighbor’s house” or in Canadian terminology “circling the ass to get to the hole!”

Interview: David Parker. Discusses his Trumpeter 1:16 Panzer IV H build, the research involved, his favorite part, struggles and why it took 7 years to complete. Interestingly, he doesn’t trash talk the model but mentions it is a challenging build.

The episode ends with both talk of the ends of a horse and hoodie vs jumper controversy.

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Scale Model Podcast Ep105 (11/20/2022) “These are the Voyages …” After catching up on covid, leaf collecting and coughing, Stuart, Terry and Geoff set about covering News, Mail, Hobbly Announcements and Interviewing Ross Waddell. I should say that even today the episode is not showing up on Apple’s Podcast, Google Podcast or Spotify. To listen, you’ll need to go to the Scale Model Podcast website and after all, you’ll want to be there to follow the show notes. The model news is 1:32 heavy, hobby announcements feature a number of 1:72 kits (the best being the Hasegawa SR-71 Eggplane) and What’s New at Scalemates. The interview will appeal to those who love detailing models with flashing lights and twirling thing-a-ma-bobs. Ross talks about several of his award winning models and the benefits of adding lights using arduino boards. While it’s not my thing, if you’re into coding, programing and wiring models this episode is for you!

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Just Making Conversation S2Ep19 (11/21/2022) “Telford and Nuts”. This episode is a recap of Malcolm’s adventure at Telford where blokes met, cake was eaten, competition reviewed, Nuts noticed, vendors viewed and how Telford post-covid was the epitome of modeling goodness! Check out the links below for pictures.

Lancaster Dambuster Display
Hobby in a Nutshell by Neil Gilbourne won the Golden Nut Award!

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Plastic Posse Podcast Ep58 (11/22/2022) “Jim Bates joins, Brian Crinder Interview, Ivan and JB return from Telford”. Bargain Basement Doug (aka Jim Bates) joins the Posse while real-time Doug is off doing Doug things. What has the Posse been working on? TJ, Grant, Ivan, Scott and Jim run through the stuff they have or in Jim’s case, hasn’t. Ivan and JB talk some about Telford (with over 9000 attendees) and by their recounting I wondered if a show can be too big? But stay tuned for a later lengthier episode where they go through the show more in-depth.

As of this post, the 72 in 72 Group Build (00:18:00) will start at 12:01 am Friday (that’s 1 minute after midnight on Thursday and run through Sunday 11:59 pm. The PPP Ma.K. group build update follows and the recounting of the Outriders occurs before the Brian Criner interview. Brian is known for his aircraft, non-metal finishes, winning at the 2006 Tamiya-Con, his Do335 Best of Show at the 2022 High Plains Model Contest in Loveland, Colorado and getting bit by a pissed off rattlesnake while biking. The Posse has a lively fun interview where he goes through his modeling journey and why he polishes every model.

Discussion Topic “Your Personal Skill Gap. Narrowing Your Skill Gap.” How to get from knowing where you are and getting to where you want to be. How do you close that gap is discussed? According to the Posse …

  • 1) Recognize your skill gap,
  • 2) Have a plan and
  • 3) Push yourself to do hard things. Do stuff you’re not comfortable doing.

But what if you are not willing to push yourself 24/7 trying to be one of the “Elite” making that leap from intermediate to advanced? Are you satisfied where you are? And is that wrong? Are you instead trying to get a little bit better while enjoying the hobby as a hobby?

A great modeling relating discussion. Give a listen.

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As always, check for links to these podcasts and more!

Plastic Model Mojo Ep77

“Let’s be Clear”

Mews from My Bench. The 1:48 Armory Fairey Flycatcher showed up on my doorstep today all the way from Ukraine! Looking through the kit I found PE, color schemes for four aircraft off the HMS Hermes, one off the HMS Furious and one off the HMS Glorious and 3D printed engine parts in addition to the usual plastic parts. To be fair, there does appear to be a little bit of flash around the parts on the sprues but the kit was well packaged. My hat’s off to Armory Models for getting product out the door given the current war in the country.

I also did a bit of priming on some fiddly bits for Friedrich, a couple of Necrons and a BattleTech Locust and Thunderbolt I ordered off Model Mini Studio on Etsy. Mahilda also was primed and zenithal shaded. Both the Fairey Flycatcher and Mahilda will be outside of my comfort zone but I looking forward to the challenges they represent.

Plastic Model Mojo Ep77 (11/17/2022) “Let’s Be Clear”

Digger Dave and the Kaiser add “Weather with Julian on the 11s” to their soon to be syndicated morning model show. Check your local listings!

Dave and Mike start off by recounting stuff in their model sphere, identify modeling fluids and run through a bunch of listener emails. A request for an OSU2 Kingfisher model recommendation, a F-35A model goes yawn to fav, wheat vs weed beer and peanut butter whiskey redux are but a few emails covered before getting to the special segment with Dr. Strangebrush. As always, this segment is top notch as Mike and mostly Dave chat with John Miller (aka Dr. Strangebrush) from Model Paint Solutions about clear parts, primarily canopies. They cover getting the part off the sprue gate, what can be fixed/can’t be fixed, getting rid of static electricity and how to deal with 1) small scratches, 2) deeper scratches and 3) scratches that hurt! The doctor also goes into defining the “abrasive spectrum” and how and when to use them. Clear coatings and masking canopies are touched on briefly (three masking articles can be found under the Paint Booth/Guides section of the Model Paint Solutions website) while attaching the canopy and filling gaps between canopy and model finish up this information jam-packed segment.

An excellent episode for anyone who wants to get better at all things canopies.

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