Plastic Posse Podcast Ep38

John (Spud) Murphy and Stan Spooner Interviews

Yes, those are rubber tracks

If you are into armor building this is the podcast episode for you. Be prepared for lots of fan-girling with armor building celebrities, the woes of editing modeling magazines and that age-old complaint about competition judging. The Posse guys are joined by co-host Stan Spooner (THE Model Box) and Mike Rinaldi during the Spud Murphy interview.

Conversation Slang and Shortcuts. I spent 20 minutes trying to find FA Miniatures online and similarly had trouble finding Stan’s social media page because of conversational shortcuts. Hint, you need to include the THE to find Stan’s ‘The Model Box’ Facebook page and use the ampersand (&) in F&A Miniatures in a search. While I’m bitching about slang I will mention TNI and MMI abbreviations. Not being a long-time armor modeler I have no idea what they are except magazines. While building armor is not my thing, having only built the Tamiya M5A1 US Light Tank, using slang frustrates me to no end when I try to follow up on comments made during the podcast. I play mandolin and often have to bitch-slap a co-musician who uses a shortened version of the tune he wants to play. My forScore app alphabetizes titles and “Terrebone” is not the same as ‘Gigue de Terrebonne’ in the eyes of a computer. But enough, I did get a chuckle over Stan’s mentioning the armor building adage of “put a tarp on it” for covering mistakes.

Despite the episode being tank-centric, there are lighter moments with Ivan’s schooling the others over British english vs American english terms. Aubergine, courgette, bonnet, football, cupboard and boot. Ten points for knowing the American english version of each. I threw in courgette for fashionista Ivan’s benefit 😉

The episode is a long one (3+ hrs) but covers a lot including Social Media Shoutouts, Listener Emails, and Upcoming Shows. The final segment covers the Power of Pushing It (aka Being Bold in a Build) using individual examples. I wish this segment would have been better covered but maybe in another episode. There’s lots in the podcast and worth the listen.

Finally, quarter scale? One fourth (0.25) the original? Weird.

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Just Making Conversation S2:Ep2

Displaying your models

B-58 Hustler vs Catzilla

A Schrodinger Conundrum involving Pinocchio’s nose, a Moosaroo Cup bias issue, sleeping policemen and the ever present 2v3 prong debate. These and more prove that James and Malcom do not shy from the tough issues in plastic modeling. And yes, it’s modeling with one l, not two here in the US. We do our part to conserve consonants where we can 😉 We also have man-made speed bumps and free-range frost heaves to rattle those competition bound modelers and models. Thanks you very much.

After giving the listeners much to think about, James tantalizes with a few deliberately vague details about his now completed Moosaroo Cup 3 entry. Both agonize over the contest’s integrity if one of the competing podcast is allowed to live-stream announcing the winner. But I don’t think there is anything to worry about judging by Malcom’s reaction to pictures of James’ build and previously leaked sneak previews of the model’s octagonal paint scheme. I, for one, can’t wait for the revealing of James’ patented “Deep Fried Finish”. Perhaps HeritageCon could fly in all contestants to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

Displaying Your Models. Are we really finished after finishing a model? How do we display our models? On social media? At home on a shelf or display case? Do we show them at a club meeting or a competition event and then stuff them in boxes to tuck away in the attic or garage? James and Malcom discuss how, why and to whom we display our models. They also cover transporting our models to shows and dip into some tips for making a better display to woo judges and win friends.

A fun listen and an episode to make you think. But be warned, they do bring up *gasp* “Railways”! Go on, give a listen!

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Scale Model Podcast Ep88


No Zeppelins here!

Congrats to Alvin Smith who won a F-14 in the “Pay It Forward” SMP contest!

A Gundam with a Canadian God finger? You mean there’s a Canadian Sign Language sign that conveys “sorry/not sorry”? 😉

2022 kit releases. Stuart, Terry and Geoff review various 2022 releases: Bandai, Italeri, MicroMir, DoraWings, Tacom, Clay-More, MiniArt, Lukgraf and or course Airfix! Actually, they spend quite a bit of time fan-girling over the Airfix 2022 pre-releases, releases, quick builds and reissues. If I hadn’t just picked up Tamiya’s DeHavilland Mosquito B Mk.IV/PrMk.IVkit, I’d be tempted to pick up the Airfix Mosquito. Fortunately, a hobby shop near me carries quite a lot of Airfix kits so getting additional kits should be easy. Easier than the three Maschenin Krieger kits I have coming on a cargo ship from Japan. Hopefully before 2023. They go on to discuss Scalemates’ What’s Hot and What’s New.

HeritageCon Interview. The hosts get an update from the HeritageCon folks (IPMS Hamilton). Eighty-three categories, IPMS rules, online model registration and a rock-your-socks raffle table! After complaining about OTB’s blatant attempt to bribe the Moosaroo Cup Chief Judge Ian, Geoff tries subtle flattery but eventually tries to offer copious amounts of poutine (fries and cheese curds slathered in gravy) and cheap Canadian beer (Molson XXX) to ensure Terry wins. There’s a bit of Moosaroo Cup history too.

What’s on the bench? What are you working on? Stuart admits to getting sidetracked into airbrushing a Barbie Doll bed gloss black. It wasn’t clear but I swear there was talk of Barbie sized handcuffs being involved as well. I want to see pictures in the show notes or it’s just idle bragging! The “One-Year Build” with IPMS London Club was discussed. Geoff’s is nearly finished his paper Graf Zeppelin build. Pictures are posted on the SMP website. Terry continues work on the Moosaroo Cup model but may be banking on the poutine and beer option. He also is working on the P-43, a Mustang Cavalier as a NASA chase plane and the Star Wars Hammerhead Corvette. Check out Terry’s review of the SCM’s Wet Sanding Tool setup in the show notes.

A fun listen chocked full of kit reviews.

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Model Geek’s Podcast Ep26

“References, do you even need them?? HECK YEAH YA DO!!”


What’ja working on? The Geeks run through what they have been working on since the start of 2022. Darrin wins with the Meng F-18 Hornet build that he has posted ad nauseam on Facebook. Sorry Darrin, a few less posts/pics could convey the same progress. Good though, for keeping with your New Year’s Resolution of one kit at a time on the bench!

Whitey is working on a Sherman build for the PPP group build, a Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury. I’ve always wanted to build the early Navy version (FJ-2) depicted in Bill Nye’s “Sabre at Sea” article in the IPMS July/August 2010 issue. There’s just something about a dark Sabre that I really like!

Frilldo finished up the Moosaroo Cup and I can’t wait to see the finished model. Then there’s the Egyptian Sherman where he offers tips on building tracks experienced as a beginner armor modeler. Next up on his bench was the MiG-23 and following Spencer’s advice just started cutting sprue and in 2 days was ready to attach the top part of the fuselage to the bottom. But he cheated! Unbelievable! I’m so disappointed! Not. Squirrel! The Flogger B in the stash!

Nemo’s shelf projects weigh heavy on his conscience with his unfinished, non-motivating Su-27, the EA-6A, the Hasegawa Rufe, and now more recently a Hasegawa 109!

Modeling News. PaxCon is on track for October 7th, 2023. Stay tuned for more news. Accommodations may be available in Darrin’s chicken coop or tenting in his backyard dog poop mine field. Yikes! Favorite releases are covered. Everything from kits to resin aftermarket items.

What’ja buy? Give a listen for the gory details.

Shows? Local and IPMS National covered. The Model Geeks may be doing a seminar on modeling modern US Navy jets. As if I needed another reason to go! A 1500mi road trip, no sweat.

Tip Tool of the Week? Okay. Paint mules and Nemo’s exclusive jet exhaust painting technique using Tamiya flat black (XF-1) and Model Masters Chrome Silver (TES1790).

Mail Call. Las Vegas strikes again! Half of Derek’s stash, all of his tools, supplies and Navy memorabilia stolen from his storage unit. Contact the Model Geeks if you want to help Derek out. Heart dropping news. Congrats to former Navy Corpsman Marion on completing nursing school! Well done!

References. Are there healthy and unhealthy levels of using references? Can there be too much use of references such that you get bogged down in the weeds and never get to building the model? Is AMS real?

References: Do you need them? Do you use them? What types of references are useful? Favorite types? Internet vs hard copy? Books, photos, walk arounds? Do you look for cockpits, instrument panels, wheel wells, down-lock landing gear pins, armor, tracks, stowage, widgets, etc. to help in building your model? What level of effort are you willing to put in on building a model? Do you pick a type or a specific vehicle, plane or armor? Research and references, like stash collecting, are a part of the hobby and can be a large motivating factor in building a model. If the Geeks could only keep one from their reference collection it would be Daniel Zamarbde’s FAQ on Aircraft (AK-Interactive: Aircraft Scale Modelling F.A.Q.).

Plastic Model Mojo Ep56

Dr. Strangebrush Files #1

Glues and decal solutions on my bench

Covid makes the rounds to Dave’s house. Nice description of the nasal swabbing for PCR (polymerization chain reaction for you non-molecular types). The quick home test checks for antibodies, PCR tests for RNA. There, now you know. I’m not so sure about the bourbon treatment for Covid amelioration though but I’m sure it helps to not give a shit 😉 Glad to hear Dave is weathering it in fine fashion and is doing okay.

Listener email. Painting parts on the sprue? I agree with Mike, or at least I don’t do it either. Seems counter intuitive to paint, clip, sand and then paint again. I’m not sure how it migrated into brush vs airbrushing and not having to color between the lines with small parts but hey, interesting. Dave mentions a tip he picked up about painting cockpit hydraulic lines, etc. black first then the final color to give the illusion of shadows. An interesting tidbit I will have to try soon.

Disquisition? Had to Google that one. Love attorney speak.

Stretching the definition of armor cars. Is the M1240A1 really armor? What make armor armor? Is tracks vs wheels the cutoff? That Ryefield Model M-ATV looks sweet! Yeah, it’s armor. Go for it Steven. Take no prisoners. Good for building outside your comfort zone. Dave cautions against AMS.

The 30-minute wall limitation to modeling. Good suggestion from John out of California for using those limited times at the bench to build ordnance, crates, jerry cans, bagage, etc. Something small and doable one might eventually use on a build.

How does that work? Seemingly, not long after someone scratch builds/kit bashes a non-kitted subject that a model company mysteriously produces that model?

IPMS Nationals at Omaha, NE. Dave talks about the value of seminars and to an extent I agree. However, having attended numerous professional and non-professional seminars they can be memorable or really frustrating. Public speaking is not everyone’s forte. My biggest beef is when a speaker opens the seminar to questions. Nine out of 10 times it’s something really specific to the person asking or something really stupid. And yes, I do think there are stupid questions.

Dr. Strangebrush aka John Miller. Often asked airbrushing questions: 1) Air bubbles in the airbrush cup. 2) using flow aid and retarders. We need to realize geographic location and weather conditions can affect airbrushing. Tip drying, paint goobers, air pressure, altitude and humidity are talked about and that social media advice (gasp!) might not be the most reliable. Dr Strangebrush talks about adding flow aid and a retarder to your thinner in general. I suspect Mr Color Leveling Thinner containing these is the reason it is so popular straight from the bottle for so many different paint types. Setting air pressure on the compressor is covered but not MAC valves. You can check the Model Paint Solutions website for more on these topics.

The final topic covered is 3) Decals. Dee-cals. Deck-alls. Clear coat before applying decals? Is water temperature important? How does application orientation effect decals? Is there an interaction between MicroSet/MicroSol Solutions and the clear coat? How does one deal with wrinkles, old decals, milky white decals and those pesky thick Tamiya decals. There certainly are lots of decal solutions out there (MicroSet & MicroSol, Mr Softer & Mr Setter, AK Decal Adapter aka alien blood?! etc. But which is best? It depends.

Some really good techniques and suggestions covered in this section.

Dave and Mike’s hopes and aspirations. After clearing the bench, Dave wants to (deep breath) complete a shelf queen, start & finish a Japanese WW2 aircraft, do another MiG-17 with improvements, work with AK weathering pencils, finish the M30, work on sponge chipping, paint brush chipping, and finish 5-6 models in 2022. Mike wants to finish the “Gun”, the E-16, and the Moosaroo cup build. And how to be more prolific.

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On The Bench Ep131

HeritageCon 2022

Omaha Bound?

Dave, the model podcast godfather, chats with Duncan, Ian and Allan of IPMS Hamilton about HeritageCon 2022.

Dave also talks about his building the Moosaroo Cup kit for this year’s OTB entry. The pressure is on since OTB won the last two and the field now includes a number of other podcast entries. Funny how bribes, sledging competitors and the availability of HeritageCon category sponsorships (wink, wink) were mentioned in the same conversation. Very interesting.

What really intrigued me was when the chat veered on to the IPMS National in Omaha, NE. Up till now I wasn’t really interested in attending but these guys planted a dangerous thought – maybe, just maybe I should be going! What say you, Sunkist? You up for a long road trip?

On The Bench Ep130

Cleaning out the compressor

Armor 101 with Sam Dwyer

The intro music is growing on me.

Back at it again, Dave, Ian, Julian and Sam get into What’s on Your Bench”. Dave slips into familiar territory with his “Why do modelers put up with bad kits?” by comparing a wrong hamburger order with bad model kits. We return the hamburger order, why then do we put up with bad kits from manufacturers? I don’t think it’s the right analogy, Dave, rather if we get a wrong order, crappy food and bad service we should not return to the restaurant. Model manufacturers are under no obligation to produce good kits. If we, the modelers, buy bad kits it’s our fault. Fool me once, shame on you (the manufacturer)! Fool me twice … yeah, shame on me. Stop buying the crummy kits and the producers will eventually fold. You can’t force modelers to do anything, I see it more as a need to educate modelers. Then again, herding cats would be easier and at the end of the day manufacturers understand dollars.

What’s on the bench. Dave, Ian, Julian and Sam do talk about stuff on and off their benches. Congrats to President Dave and VP Ian of DSMC. DSMC? I don’t know either. A bit of “advice” on decanting paint from spray cans? Good on you Ian for helping out a new modeler at the shop. I can see why you could step into the president’s job. I do enjoy listening to these guys, especially when Sam is a guest, soft voice and all!

Listener Mail. Airbrush and compressor maintenance would be a good topic for a special segment. I didn’t realize I should be draining my tank and as you can see from the picture above there was a lot of water, sluge and nasty stuff when I finally did. I’m not sure about releasing the bottom value with the tank under pressure though. Sounds very unpleasant and messy. Ian’s Excel “model stash” sheet sounds daunting. I use Scalemates myself and can access it on the fly. Plus, I can add not only my models but determine the particular release. It’s free, sortable, and doesn’t take another app on my computer or phone to run. I’m surprise none of the Benchers uses it. One listener asked, “If your house is on fire, what 3 kits do you grab and why?” Frankly, my hands would be full with Sunkist and maybe one guitar. I think Sam’s advice on having “contents insurance” makes the most sense. I guess I’m just not into esoteric or hypothetical questions. I really don’t care to speculate who would win in a fight between Yoda and Godzilla. But if my wife asks, the Tamiya F-4b, the AFV Club Meat Chopper and the 12-string Ovation 😉 Can I squeeze in the Kinetic A6E? The podcast nearly goes off the rails with Julian’s “Model Makismo” judging dilemma again. I don’t agree that the judge should know the kit and judge accordingly. As I’ve heard elsewhere, the product is judged in a competition, not the process. No extra points for building a bad kit. A hidden gem in this section is the tip on ship building. Work from the middle out, build in subassemblies and paint as you go! Concise.

What’s new in the modeling world. The Falcon sends in his comments, though I didn’t hear the falcon scream. Maybe he wasn’t feeling well. My ears did perk up at hearing about the coming Clear Prop! 2022 Polikarpov I-16 Type 5. I’m a big fan of the I-16s. Check it out on Scalemates. It’s a cool looking plane and another reason to use Scalemates.

Armor 101. Sam Dwyer (along with Dave, Ian and Julian) goes through building armor for the beginner from choosing a kit, building, painting and weathering, to displaying it after it’s done. While not delving into details per se, it’s an hour long discussion that lays out the general flow of things and is well worth the listen.

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Modeling Miscreants Podcast Ep11

Rob’s Poltergeist Gave Everyone Covid.

Polikarpov I-16 Type 18 simulated fabric

Buffoonery and Shenanigans. That’s an understatement! One of the newest modeling podcasts on the web that started in October 2021. You know these guys are serious modelers when they start a pool betting on Jeff’s demise from Covid instead of kit reviews and the latest, greatest techniques. Yeah, give them a listen!

Rob’s Christmas Story. From the guy that brought you “Crickets”, “Karen” and “Nipples” comes a heartwarming story about a doll in the attic. Who would have thunk but this segment is worth the price of admission.

These guys hold a surprising number of Facebook build nights (Miscreant Lounge) but you’ll want to check in early as only a small group of 12 or so get admitted. Despite my repeated attempts Facebook and my iPad just don’t play nice. Why does it want to install an app that is already installed? One of these times.

The MMP promotes small modeling businesses, model Facebook groups, engages in numerous temper tantrums, and is currently hosting an armored car group build that started at midnight on New Year’s Eve. All with the running banter that can only be found with east coast panache. These guys bust each other’s chops non-stop but don’t be fooled, they do it tongue-in-cheek. Mostly 😉

Story time with Rob continues with a $700 joint family dinner with the Tuch family. Laaabsta. Say that with a New York accent. And then there’s Rob’s tiny bowl of vegetables and chicken hot dogs during the build day at Steve’s house. Fortunately Rob brought nuts and berries. Chicken hot dogs, veggies and a smattering of nuts and berries. Yum?

New Year’s resolutions. Getting healthy, feeding Rob chicken hotdogs with a sling shot and hair gel. They do get to modeling resolutions. Doing more actual modeling. Attending Nationals. Over all, the consensus seemed to be that sitting down at the modeling bench and having a bunch of wacky knuckle head modeling friends is soul saving. Or was that soul sucking? The hosts share individual single projects they want to do for 2022, Christmas presents they received, poltergeist experiences and proper east coast pronunciation. Supposedbly, Ideer, Aver, Axsk. I clearly understand – can you say, Exit 9A.

A bonus tip is offered on how to wind up Rob.

No aspirin needed!

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Plastic Posse Podcast Ep37

2022 Modeling Wish lists and the Great PPP Giveaway!!

Besides the incredible giveaway prizes, several parts in the podcast caught my attention. But first, it sounds like a number of the PPP hosts came down with the dreaded Covid. Seriously guys? Glad to hear that those who did recovered. Deputies, Outriders? These guys are taking the Wild West theme seriously. Is there a model Boot Hill?

Here’s what peaked my interest.

What’s the first project for 2022? For me, it’s completing the Italeri ACH-47 Gunship build. Second is building the Tamiya Stuart and converting it to a Honey with the Verlinden resin conversion kit. Just finished “Brazen Chariots” and was intrigued by the Honeys and the truck camouflage the British used to disguised them.

What’s your main build for the year? As you can see by the photo above it’s going to be hard to choose just one kit. This made me think about seriously figuring out how to realistically follow up on my modeling New Year’s goals. I may need to put half the kits back in the closet. Maybe more than half.

What do you want to see left behind in 2022? Obviously Covid. 40 pounds? Analysis paralysis? 1,2,3 vs G,S,B? Kill ’em with kindness and torture ’em with success? Not caring what others think – build without trying to overthink or over-aftermarket a build? Yeah, agreed. Just have fun building. My vote is Photo Etch. I’ve only dealt with PE a couple of times and hate it with a passion. Sorry Ian.

What do you want to see released in 2022? Anything but another BF-109. There are too many kits out there that I haven’t built to pick one. Halo? Blah.

Pick a build outside your comfort zone for 2022. Something completely left field. This one really made me think and left field for me would be to build and weather a Maschinen Krieger kit. Watching TJ’s build of the Panzer Kampf Anzug Ausf.N1 is inspiring. If you haven’t seen it head over to TJ Haller on Facebook. Wild. Looking around on the net, prices and availability did put a slight damper on my enthusiasm but with a birthday coming up in March I may just have to p the t as they say over at the Model Geeks! Curse you TJ 😉

Winners. Congrats to all the winners of the PPP give aways. Hats off to the PPP hosts for their generosity! And the winners are … yeah, naw, you’ll have to listen to the podcast yourself!

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Just Making Conversation S2:Ep1

New Year’s Resolutions

Pre-shading to simulate fabric

First off, I have to say every time I listen to JMC I have this urge to grab my daughters and turn on the television to Thomas the Tank Train. You know, the one with Ringo Star as the conductor. Fortunately, they are all out of college and would not appreciate my nostalgic journey. Please pass the prozac.

James and Malcolm have a unique podcast among the plethora of modeling podcasts. Their conversational style is very different and often sounds unscripted. Sort of like a couple of guys/blokes sitting in a bar/pub talking.

First up, what they did over the holidays and then it’s on to listener emails. One listener wants to improve on OPR. OPR? I vote for Ohio Pig Roasts. I’ll let you listen to hear Malcom’s full list.

New Year’s Goals. Are they worth it. Well … not if they are just lofty ideals. Most of the listeners proffered very general goals. Except Clive. Good on you, Clive, build that Rubicon model! Malcom has desires and aspirations – euphemistic for lofty ideals. James doesn’t do them at all. Past experiences produced a “what’s the point” attitude. No goals = no disappointment. But does it have to be that way?

Okay, Malcom and James. Using S.M.A.R.T. goals might help.

  • Specific. Be specific about what you want to achieve.
  • Measurable. Include measurements.
  • Attainable. Break a goal in to smaller steps.
  • Realistic. Is the goal attainable or really out there unattainable?
  • Timely. Set some time limits. Be accountable.

James actually has sort of made an attainable goal.

  • Participate in the Moosaroo Cup.
  • Make a kick-ass display.
  • Specifics have been set (secret).
  • Finishing by deadline is doable.
  • Base frame will be finished and revealed in two weeks.

Malcom’s New Year’s Resolution: Do the hobby. Vague, lofty, ripe with failure. Good luck!

Dante’s Modeling Inferno? Paper models!

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