On The Bench Ep131

HeritageCon 2022 Dave, the model podcast godfather, chats with Duncan, Ian and Allan of IPMS Hamilton about HeritageCon 2022. Dave also talks about his building the Moosaroo Cup kit for this year’s OTB entry. The pressure is on since OTB won the last two and the field now includes a number of other podcast entries.Continue reading “On The Bench Ep131”

Modeling Miscreants Podcast Ep11

Rob’s Poltergeist Gave Everyone Covid. Buffoonery and Shenanigans. That’s an understatement! One of the newest modeling podcasts on the web that started in October 2021. You know these guys are serious modelers when they start a pool betting on Jeff’s demise from Covid instead of kit reviews and the latest, greatest techniques. Yeah, give themContinue reading “Modeling Miscreants Podcast Ep11”

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep37

2022 Modeling Wish lists and the Great PPP Giveaway!! Besides the incredible giveaway prizes, several parts in the podcast caught my attention. But first, it sounds like a number of the PPP hosts came down with the dreaded Covid. Seriously guys? Glad to hear that those who did recovered. Deputies, Outriders? These guys are takingContinue reading “Plastic Posse Podcast Ep37”

Just Making Conversation S2:Ep1

New Year’s Resolutions First off, I have to say every time I listen to JMC I have this urge to grab my daughters and turn on the television to Thomas the Tank Train. You know, the one with Ringo Star as the conductor. Fortunately, they are all out of college and would not appreciate myContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2:Ep1”

Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep16

“Dirty Talk With Lester Plaskitt, and More Paint Chemistry“ Right out of the blocks Will rants on about IPMS judging. His recent trip to attend Model Fiesta confirmed the anti-weathering judges’ bias at IPMS competitions. Of course, one show with 3 anecdotes isn’t a very robust sample size. But even so, Will does give goodContinue reading “Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep16”

The Model Geek’s Podcast Ep 25

Episode 25 is the 1 year anniversary for the Model Geeks Podcast. Congratulations on persevering for an entire year! Truly a great accomplishment! However, I’m going harken back to the previous podcast (Ep 24) because there was one tidbit I found interesting. More than interesting, really. They were talking to TJ Haller from the PPPContinue reading “The Model Geek’s Podcast Ep 25”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep 55: A New Year Begins

How to be more prolific. How to be more efficient. Dragging out a build gets old. Yes, Mike, it does. Modeling Fluid. I’m still trying to figure out where to get some of that Ace Cider Dave mentioned in the last episode. David Union Power Tools. I have both the 300 and 400 models. GreatContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep 55: A New Year Begins”

Scale Model Podcast: Ep 87 Anthony returns

What? No Jeff! Grandkid duty. Good on you, you’re excused! Anthony returns in this episode. Good to hear his voice and congratulations on getting published! Hobby Announcements (New release reviews.)If new releases floats your boat, give the podcast a listen. All I’ll say about these is an Airfix 1/24 Spitfire? Really? Can’t say I wouldContinue reading “Scale Model Podcast: Ep 87 Anthony returns”