Just Making Conversation Ep2:12

Mistakes: cockups, Fluff Ups, and learning the hard way. What are the errors that we make again and again? Nuggets from the Litterbox. This week I finally knuckled down and tried applying an oil wash to the CH-47A Gunship. At first, I used olive but quickly found it really didn’t add to the weathering soContinue reading “Just Making Conversation Ep2:12”

Sprue Cutters’ Union Ep29

“Shitshows and Sloppy Joes” featuring Sam Dwyer and Matt McDougall. What’s Happening in my litterbox. Earlier this week I picked up a Warhammer 40k Elite Starter set from my local hobby store, Hodgin’s Drug & Hobby, to add to the lonely Space Marines that dwell on my bench half finished. This set comes with aContinue reading “Sprue Cutters’ Union Ep29”

ModelGeeks Podcast Ep36

Meet one of the OG Geeks, He’s all the “Rage”! What’s on my Bench?Even before getting to the gold trim, of which I managed to use the wrong one, I found myself painting the three Space Marines with the Macragge Blue, fixing mistakes with Abaddon Black, then touching up with Macragge Blue only to goContinue reading “ModelGeeks Podcast Ep36”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep66

Dude … I leveled up! My Modeling WorldNot much since yesterday’s post except a little paint on the Space Marines as I listened to the PPP LiveStream this afternoon. The Plastic Posse and ModelGeeks teamed up to talk models, 3D printing wishlists and Omaha anticipation. If you missed it you can find it on FacebookContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep66”

Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep25

Brian Denchlau, polishing your hardness and the problem with modeling. Modeling Adjacent, AdjacentWhile not strictly modeling, my trip to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture today had an unexpected bonus of giving me some modeling inspiration. Included at the museum was the Dreamworks Animation Exhibit where many of the characters from Dreamworks movies wereContinue reading “Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep25”

On The Bench Ep140

Running Model Expo with Laurence Farrugia. Modeling AdjacentThese past few weeks for me have been filled with war gaming with several friends. It started out innocently with Memoir 44 which allows a person to replay many key WW2 battles through the use of scenarios. The game provides a great incentive for learning more about WW2.Continue reading “On The Bench Ep140”

Scale Model Podcast Ep95

“Back Again – Again!“ Apple strikes again! After some RSS feed issues Scale Model Podcast finally showed up in my Podcast App. I’m sure Stuart didn’t appreciate the headaches right out of the blocks after his time off. But I’m glad to see it resolved. My BenchOther than a bit of re-priming on the StuartContinue reading “Scale Model Podcast Ep95”

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep47

Duncan Rhodes, figure painting and is copying people’s models okay? My Modeling WorldI finally knuckled down and painted a couple of Gullet Cove Cats for my JMC Walnut Challenge Build. They were fun to paint but very small and as the PPP point out in this episode, I’m beginning to see why starting with aContinue reading “Plastic Posse Podcast Ep47”