Plastic Model Mojo Ep81

The Wheel and the Jim Keep on Turnin’. … Proud Mary keep on burning … and yes, CCR did it best 😉 My Bench Update. The wolf pack grows and so does the Me323. I do have to say there are a lot of seams around the edges of the Gigant’s main wings and ailerons.Continue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep81”

2022 The Year In Review

My Model Sphere and Podcast reviews. It’s that time of the year when a pragmatic review is in order, both from the bench and of my online reviews. Models In The Case (finished models). I finished the ACH-47A Chinook Gunship, the “Night Patrol” Walnut Challenge Group Build, and the M3 Stuart with base. Finishing theContinue reading “2022 The Year In Review”

Just Making Conversation S2:Ep20

Airfix Factory Tour. Snow Days! That refrain has lost a bit of meaning now that I’m retired but it does mean a suspension of my normal activities and an opportunity to spend a significant more time at the bench! Tomorrow we are expecting 3-6″. Today, though, I found myself mixing the 40 or so bottlesContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2:Ep20”

ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep46

“Leveling Up” ModelGeek’s Podcast Ep46 (11/26/2022) “Leveling Up! What build or technique changed you as a modeler?” Down their fearless leader, Frilldo, Whitey and Nemo tackle Episode 46 alone with style, grace and banter amongst themselves. They cover things they are working on, what’s breaking in hobby news, new kits that caught their fancy, stuffContinue reading “ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep46”

Models From Ukraine Ep7

“Ilya Sobolev, DBMK and a special message from Reskit” Table Fare and My Model Bench. Is there anything better than a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers and diet coke with vanilla rum to gear up for time at the bench? Of course there is, listening to the Models From Ukraine podcast Ep7 followed by the PPPContinue reading “Models From Ukraine Ep7”

A Thanksgiving Podcast Smorgasbord 11/24/2022

Moscow Modeling Mews. Last Sunday I sat down at the bench and found myself overwhelmed by all the clutter so I spent the morning clearing, dusting, organizing and putting away several of the in-progress kits. I know some can ignore everything and focus on the model at hand in the midst of a hoarders’ paradise,Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Podcast Smorgasbord 11/24/2022”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep77

“Let’s be Clear” Mews from My Bench. The 1:48 Armory Fairey Flycatcher showed up on my doorstep today all the way from Ukraine! Looking through the kit I found PE, color schemes for four aircraft off the HMS Hermes, one off the HMS Furious and one off the HMS Glorious and 3D printed engine partsContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep77”