Just Making Conversation S2Ep14

“Duxford Day Release” My Temporary Office View. Again, I’ve not had much time at the bench but did manage to dig out the P-51 Mustang from my stash. Not that I’m going to start it but since the current JMC podcast involved searching for Moosaroo P-51 reference pictures, it seemed appropriate. Yes, I know thatContinue reading “Just Making Conversation S2Ep14”

ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep40

“Pushing through a problem/finding solutions.” What’s not happening on my bench. A whole lot of not modeling, for sure. Working again this extended weekend has disrupted my retirement schedule but fortunately the commute and work environment allow me a lot of flexibility to listen to modeling podcast and hopefully get caught up on a bitContinue reading “ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep40”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep71

“1/72 figures for dioramas with Steve Hustad” Litterbox Nuggets. Filling in for a former co-worker down with Covid has kept me away from the bench and given me a pause from finishing up my 40k Ultramarines. And that was probably a good thing as I was really disappointed with the way the Agrax Earthshade muddiedContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep71”

Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep30

Missives and Misanthropes, plus an interview with Anton Dorbilov. Litterbox Blues. Sometimes modeling is relaxing, other times it’s a kick in the pants! I just couldn’t leave the decals on the M3 alone. After running the stars and white band around the turret I found the first one was way out of alignment. Not justContinue reading “Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep30”

Podcast Roundup 8/18/22

Mews from outside the litter box. After finishing up the Chinook last week I decided to continue clearing up my bench of unfinished models and move on to the Tamiya M3 Stuart Light Tank. Originally, I planned to convert it into a British Honey used in North Africa using the Verlinden conversion set. What anContinue reading “Podcast Roundup 8/18/22”

Plastic Model Mojo Ep70

Mind the Gap – Dr Strangebrush Talks Seams. Litter Box Nugget. This episode really had a bunch of salient points that really resonated with me. In particular was Dave’s mention of modelers hanging on to sanding sticks, sponges, etc. long past their prime. Guilty as charged and as a penitence I tossed many of thoseContinue reading “Plastic Model Mojo Ep70”

Scale Model Podcast Ep99

Ground and Sea. Mews from the litter box. Sometimes modeling has to take a backseat to the much needed string change for the Teton (guitar) and Breedlove (mandolin). I absolutely love the sound of new strings! The modeling benefit is the extra bit of strings that I saved for armor antenna. Scale Model Podcast EpContinue reading “Scale Model Podcast Ep99”