Plastic Posse Podcast Ep64

“Scale Models for Veterans/Models 4 Heroes, Zach Pease & one thing would you improve”

Moscow Bench News. Good on you Ivan for catching the 40k bug! As for myself, I picked up a set of Fenrisian Wolves the other day but have yet to break into them. Friday night at Da Momma’s Boyz I took a couple of Cyber Wolves to work on but have to say the fit was terrible! In fact, I couldn’t glue the pieces together with extra thick super glue. I finally had to resort to 2-part epoxy and even then it was a struggle. Apparently, I’ve been Finecast-ed. A crappy resin miniature that Games Workshop should be ashamed of putting out.

Saturday I pulled out my paint booth and set up the airbrush. I had a wild idea to try airbrushing the Thunderwolves (now stripped) with a Citadel paint. After diligent research on Youtube I used water to thin the Wraithbone and tried to paint the first wolf. Coverage was so-so so I tried Game Color’s Off White thinned with Mr Color Leveling thinner. That worked perfectly if I was going for the cottage cheese look 😦 Finally, after cleaning snot out of my Iwata, I went to my old standby, Tamiya XF. A half mil of XF-2 (white) with a drop of XF-57 (buff) gave me the off white I wanted. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ll airbrush any others and will pull out the wet palette for all future 40k miniatures.

Plastic Posse Podcast Ep64 (3:06) 2/28/2023.

TL;DR: What’s Up?, Moosaroo Update, New Tank Releases (blah, blah, blah, tanks, tanks, blah, blah, blah … tanks), Discussion Question #1, PPP Facebook Group Highlights, Shows, Ma.K. Group Build, Listener Feedback, Special Segment (M4V, M4H) Discussion Question #2 and the Interview with Zach Pease.

Discussion Question #1: Changing one thing or adding something to your repertoire. Time, concentration, always missing something, figure painting, over-caring, 3-tone camo, art gallery quality vignettes, and photography were some of the things the Posse hosts would change. For me, it would be to not chase butterflies. Or at least, get the one out of the net before I go off chasing another. A new kit? another 40k miniature? I don’t have that BattleMech … and the chase goes on 😉

Discussion Question #2. Do you use physical references or do everything online? A little of both seemed to be the consensus among the hosts. The plethora of online references, photos and resources are astounding yet the danger of being distracted is always present. How many times have I too gone online to look for something model related only to find a hour, or dare I say two, gone by and I’ve not even started to look for the intended subject? It’s very easy to get distracted online whereas a physical book is right there in front of me. At least if I can remember where I put it 😉

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