On The Bench Ep158

“Models For Heroes 48hr Build”

Bench RStOR. All this talk of the Models 4 Heroes Birthday Bash this weekend has been effective. At first I was ambivalent about participating but after listening to James in this episode I decided I’ll build my recent 1:48 XF5F Skyrocket acquisition. And while I prefer doing the yellow wing short nose scheme, in the interest of actually finishing I think the long nose unarmed Naval scheme might be best.

On The Bench Ep 158. (1:59) 3/3/2023. “Models for Heroes 48hr Build”

TL;DR Intro, Mail, Moosaroo Update, Modeling News, Return of the Falcon and an Interview with James Skiffins (M4H 48hr Birthday Build).

The hosts (Dave, Ian and Julian) start off the episode with a chat about a wayward airbrush needle taking a slow container ship to Australia and OTB needing a “ringer” to sub for Julian when he’s off “competition drifting” in Japan. Mail covers a bit of early history of IPMS in Australia, holding model shows in a pub and someone upgrading their Silverado for an F-150 šŸ˜‰ A Moosaroo update follows while KLP Publishing‘s new book on the FW-190 and new ITA Decals are featured in Modeling News. The Falcon checks in with a long list of aircraft, military vehicles, ships, subs and (deep breath) more aircraft!

The best part of the episode is the interview with James Skiffins as they chat about the upcoming Models 4 Heroes 48hr Birthday Build fundraiser happening March 10-12th, 2023 sponsored by the Model Officers Mess. Information on how to join and participate can be found on the Model Officers Mess Facebook page! You know you want to!

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers


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