ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep51

“The Old Dominion Open Re-Cap”

RStOR Benchtime. While I had the airbrush full of paint yesterday I went ahead and resprayed the M3 Stuart base with tan acrylic. The base was really dark and I wanted to lighten it up a bit. Citadel through the airbrush wasn’t the brightest idea but nothing another session in the spray booth won’t fix. Minus the Citadel 😉 Friday I visited the hobby store and picked up BattleTech, ‘A game of Armored Combat’. This box set has an expanded rulebook, new maps and eight new Mechs. Pretty sweet! Also, new to the DVD collection was Saving Private Ryan for $5. A nice addition to have playing while working at the bench.

ModelGeeks’ Podcast Ep 51 (1:53:19) 3/5/2023.

TL;DR Intro, ODO Re-call, What’ja Working On?, Who Met Who at ODO, New Kits, What’ja Buy, Nats Update, Shout Outs, Tool & Tip, Mail Call, M4H Birthday Bash, and ODO Favorites.

The Geeks, minus Nemo, start off the episode with a couple of sea stories, one involving a P3 gearbox chip light and how not to induce secondaries.

The Old Dominion Open Show (IPMS Richmond) had almost a 1000 models on the tables and 700+ walk-ins attending. A chance question asked of one of the ModelGeeks was “When do you start to realize that you are competitive or not?” Darrin’s answer? “When you start to judge.” Volunteering to judge will give you opportunities to see and identify areas you can apply to your own models. You don’t have to build exclusively to win contests but rather volunteering can help you learn where to improve and become a better modeler. As one of the other hosts said, you start looking at stuff through the judges’ eyes. Another take home from the ODO was the many models in the Gundam section by young modelers that prove the hobby is not dying, just certain genres and old modelers.

New Kits identified the Kinetic F-16 “family model (2 seater) that’s possibly over engineered. Frilldo revealed his secret squirrel as a 1:24 P-47D Bubble Top built to promote the upcoming Detail & Scale book on the P-47 while the new Frill and Fill device for decanting paint was featured in Tool & Tip!

The episode finishes up with Mail Call and ODO favorites. Well, there you go, the 2023 ODO is in the books and a good time was had by all!

You can check out the link to this episode and other podcasts at

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