February 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup

My Modeling Mews. February found fellow modeler Bob and me heading over to the Northwest Scale Modelers Show at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA. It was everything promised. Last I heard there were over 6000 folks attending the two days but I haven’t heard numbers for modelers displaying or models displayed. All I can say is there were a butt load! Closer to home I have managed to put together the wings, tail and engines on the GWH 1:144 Me323 Gigant. And let me tell you, there were a ton of flap supports. Next up will be to mask the window in the fuselage and start painting. I should also start thinking about cargo to put inside and around the plane in a diorama.

On to the podcasts.

Small Subjects Ep32 (1:58:28) 2/15/2023. “Travis Haussener” A bit of a different episode as Jim and Barry talk with avalanche survivor (he’s also a chemist) about plastic cement, lacquer thinner A+B putty, primer vs paint and a lengthy discussion on why spit is better than water. Hint: enzymes. A much better episode than I was initially expecting so I give it a solid 3 Whiskers šŸ˜‰

On The Bench Ep157 (1:03:42) 2/17/2023. “We’re Back!” OTB Holiday Activity, Listener Mail and a Non Falcon Report make up the bulk of this episode. Julian rips decals, Ian almost finishes the Moosaroo Build (dare I say 95%?) despite a near disaster and Dave recounts his world tour travels, including visiting the most depressing model shop in France. Listener mail revealed Ian’s mystery work visiter while the Non-Falcon segment has Ian and the others stepping up to review several new kits. Definitely a good listen particularly for the gloss coat/sanding/polishing advice.

Sprue Cutters’ Union Ep40 (3/03:30) 2/17/2023. “Haberdashery, Preorders and Cascade Failure” featuring Airfix. Picking boogers, spilling glue and Moosaroo f*ckery nearly over shadowed the really good question: “what backups do you have?” Nippers and masking fluid topped the list while for me it’s those little tiny drill bits. I always seem to have broken the one I need. Haberdashery (News) covers the new Ammo paint line (A-Stand), Night Shift’s announcement and Jon Chung’s relenting and using a proper set of scribers before recounting the Mike Renaldi saga. The Airfix interview with Chris Parker-Joy and Martin Ridge touched on the hobby’s demographics (on the older side, won’t live forever), the fact that it’s hard to sell to kids that are more into non-military subjects and the company’s move toward more automotive subjects. Chris, Martin and Will then descend into CAD Software and 3D Scanning and other engineer speak šŸ˜‰

ModelGeek’s Podcast Ep50 (1:55) 2/18/2023. ” The Big 50! Thanks to you, the listeners” What’ja Working On?, Geek News, New Kits, Hobby Shop Shoutouts, Tools & Tips, Mail Call and the Main Topic “50th Thoughts. Lots of modeling tips scattered throughout this episode, dry brushing in Tools & Tips, scribing tips and painting when it’s cold out in Mail Call and a chance to suggest changes as the Geeks reminisce back on the first 50 episodes. A definite must listen.

Plastic Model Mojo Ep84 (1:44) 2/24/2023 “It’s Showtime!” What’s Up in Your Model Sphere?, Modeling Fluids, Mail, Messenger, What’ja Workin’ On? Stuff bought, Upcoming Shows, HertitageCon Interview, 2023 National, and finally Shoutouts. The episode really gets interesting when a listener takes Dave to task over his likening NewMex Mex to Tex Mex and outlines a road to redemption to avoid a call to cancel. We also learn Dave misquotes “Luckiest Man Alive” and that music really died in 1750 with Bach (nothing to do with Dave). Dare I say that Mike and Dave will be attending HertitageCon and have been advised to bring all their spare Canadian cash. And here I thought there were two looneys already in the car heading north šŸ˜‰

Models From Ukraine Ep9 (1:43) 1/24/2023) “Dora Wings and Robert Blokker” Chris Meddings plans to go to once a month podcast with MFU, mainly due to the difficulties getting through to interview Ukraine model manufacturers. In this episode Chris talks to Robert Blokker about his interest in modeling WWI subjects, how to test dioramas (with this one simple trick), the importance of figures in dioramas and what is and isn’t off-limits in modeling. In the Dora Wings interview we learn how Dora Wings started, how they do marketing research, how projects are chosen and the design process. All this with only two employes in the midst of the war in Ukraine! If you haven’t listened to this episode yet, go and download it now. It’s well worth the time!

Scale Model Podcast Ep111 (1:23:34) 2/26/2023. “Geoff Builds a Gundam” Last in line, but not least, is the SMP Ep111. This episode rounds out the February modeling podcasts. With Terry down and under the weather, both figuratively (sick) and literally (snow) given the weather this past week , Anthony, Stuart and Geoff hold down the ice fort. The Latest Hobby News, Hobby Announcements and an Interview with Vince Hoffmann, What’s on the Bench, Things they’ve Seen and The Last Word make up Ep 111. Stuart does his usually good job of outlining and providing links to topics but I would suggest going to the Scale Model Podcast website to see all the pictures. For some reason when I link from Apple’s Podcast app it messes with photos and has trouble displaying them. Yeah, Iā€™m talking to you, Steve šŸ˜¦

In the interview, Vince talks about his 1/8 scale wooden 1930s era Chris Craft Runabout and the trials and tribulations of building a wooden boat model. Interestingly, Vince is also pessimistic about where the hobby will be in 10 years. He feels there are less young people coming into the hobby and it’s becoming less an art form and more about instant gratification. Give a listen and see if you agree?

There you have it, seven episodes to fit anyone’s interest (unless Just Making Conversation squeeks in under the wire). Check out links for all these at modelpodcasts.com


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