Scale Model Podcast Ep110

“Nuremberg Toy Fair”

Seattle Bound! Modeling this week consisted mostly of finishing my “Angels’ Revenge” diorama for the Northwest Scale Modelers Show this upcoming weekend. That and pulling out the models I plan on taking to the show. This will be my first time going and I’m looking forward to seeing all the models and visiting everybody’s favorite hobby shop, Skyways! In addition to preparing for the trip I also spent two different days sampling fish (steelhead and lampreys) down on the Clearwater and jamming around town which meant I wouldn’t be able to start on my new set of Fenrisian Wolves 😉 Choices, choices, choices! I don’t know about you, but it’s good to be retired.

Scale Model Podcast Ep110 (01:10) 2/11/2023 “Nuremberg Toy Fair”.

The real question was, is it episode One-one-zero or One-ten? The debate was electrifying!

Other news included Stuart’s new recording device for on the road interviews and this episode’s Sean Custom Model Tools Surprise Prize Draw winner … me! I should state for the record that no shenanigans or beer and poutine changed hands (Geoff) but as anyone could, I sent in a work-in-progress picture (Angels’ Revenge) for the random draw. A big shout out and thanks to both Stuart, Terry, Geoff and Anthony as well as SCMT for sponsoring the giveaway. You guys rock!

As usual, Stuart provides a comprehensive list of links to everything covered in this episode on the Scale Model Podcast website. The Mailbag, product releases from the Nuremberg Toy Fair, the latest Hobby Announcements, What’s On Their Bench and Things We’ve Seen round out this 1:10 (hr:min) podcast. Ep110, run time 1:10? Coincident? I think not 😉

One of the best segments was the featured Nuremberg Toy Fair. I appreciated the links and look forward to drooling over the products featured in the linked catalogs. Revell’s Airbus Beluga is just weird enough that it may find it’s way into my stash. Unfortunately, The Modeling News wants me to turn off my adblock (fat chance) to see Italeri’s offering but there’s plenty to see with Modesvit and Tamiya. Hint: just go to Italeri’s website to see their online catalog.

Things We’ve Seen allowed Stuart and Geoff to travel down memory lane as they talked about AK’s 1/35 Land Rover offerings. While I don’t share the same nostalgia I can appreciate their enthusiasm, especially Geoff’s third gear technique to change radio stations. An interesting find was seeing Special Navy’s 1/72 Kriegsfischkutter listed. But talking to a modeling buddy kind of dampened my excitement when he mentioned they’ve been promising that since 2018. Hope springs eternal, right?

Stuart, Geoff and Terry round out the episode with Battle Mech miniatures (Stuart), 3D printed planes & Moosaroo update (Geoff) and a Bandai Dropship (Terry) and Things They’ve Seen.

An excellent listen particularly for the catalog and kit links! And yes, I’m giving it an extra bump just because (I won)!

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4.5 5 Whiskers


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