January 2023 Modeling Podcast Roundup

From My Bench.

Inspired by a Squidmar Miniatures Youtube video (Painting Space Wolves & Unique Snow Base) I set about starting a base for Friedrich (though not quite finished). This involved creating a depression in the wood base, buying a Blue Angels model kit and cutting it up before embedding it in epoxy to create a futuristic winter scene. In my mind, the country has been trashed (aliens, Russians, WW4 ?) and the Blue Angels were called into service. Unfortunately, the entire team was taken out and now a lance of mechs is out to avenge them. To that end, they have appropriated the color scheme and are looking to even the score!

In between bouts of inspiration, I’ve been assembling and painting a set of Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry off and on with working on the GWH Me323 Gigant. At some point I’ll get back to painting Nahida 🙂

Back in force is a whole crop of new podcasts. Here’s my rundown on them, including run time (hh:mm) and date dropped.

  1. Just Making Conversation S2:Ep23 (00:53) 01/16/2023. “Airfix Launch 2023” As you may deduce from the title, this episode was all about the upcoming 2023 Airfix new releases. Malcolm and James talk with Dale Luckhurst and Luke Slaney and cover everything from the DB5 Aostin Martin to the Lancaster DamBuster 80th Anniversary gift set that also includes an F-35. While not the prettiest, I found the Ferret Scout Car Mk.2 intriguing.
  2. Plastic Posse Podcast Ep61 (02:24) 01/17/2023. “Shaking off the Rust, 2022 Recap and the Year of WWI Modeling” The saloon was full for this episode and topics ranged from Rhomboid Builds (WWI), 1st Quarter Plans, a 2022 Posse Patreon Yearbook Project to setting up a new Video Division. Chats about painting poker chips, someone wanting to find a second job to pay for modeling stuff and a recording of their most recent Live Session ended the episode.
  3. On The Bench Ep156 (01:43) 01/19/2023. “Let’s talk Phantom Jets” After hitting the 500,000 download mark, the Boys Down Under will be taking well deserved extra time off and won’t return till February 18th when they will drop the next episode. In the meantime, Dave (the Roman Prefect), is off on a world tour, the Falcon is AWOL and Ian’s rouge paint booth claims models and mojo. Sam Dwyer’s praise for Dr. Strangebrush’s airbrushing tip and Nemo’s lighter fluid tip for panel line cleanup are sprinkled in the “All Things Phantom” segment that features Sam Dwyer’s almost finished Phantom build.
  4. ModelGeek’s Podcast Ep48 (01:55) 01/21/2023. “Happy New Year, Getting out 2023 Goals on!” Colonoscopy talk and holiday modeling feature prominently in the opening of this episode 😉 The MiG Killer Group Build, the Flying Burrito (New Kits) and Christmas Stuff come next while Shows & Contests are mentioned before the Tool & Tip is revealed. Can you say “panty hose covered vaccume nozzle for finding dropped parts?” The episode closes with the Geeks’ 2023 modeling plans.
  5. Plastic Model Mojo Ep82 (02:01) 01/26/2023. “Barry’s BDF, the BF109 and more with Barry Numerick”. Motivating online interactions, modeling fluids and speculation on taking only one modeling reference to a desert island get traction in this episode as do “critical mess” and broken wallets. Barry Numerick tells more about BF109s than anyone person ought to know but is redeemed with his second love, the Me 323! Yeah, good on you Barry! Please come back and tell us everything Gigant related. This modeler wants to know, are you excited about the HpH Messerschmitt Me 323 D-6?
  6. Sprue Cutters’ Union Ep39 (01:55) 01/27/2023. “The Perfect Pressure for Painting Cats” The big news here is the move to publishing an episode every three weeks instead of two and a potential name change to “Idiots Rule”. I’m not sure if that last is referring to supremacy or implied regulation? Several Burrs are discussed followed by a critique of Tracy’s latest work. Burrs include: constant airbrush pressure tweaking, “everybody’s work is so good and it makes me feel bad”, and treating everything like a recipe (eg. filters). The critique (and compliments) centered on the junkyard Panzer 1B with a guy’s interaction with two “calico” cats with Will and Chris offering several suggestions on how it could be improved.
  7. Scale Model Podcast Ep109 (01:10) 01/29/2023 “To Glue or Not To glue” Anthony joins Stuart, Geoff and Terry for a brief visit to talk about the Surprise Prize Draw WIP Contest. Any work in progress is eligible and the prize will be a mystery item from Sean’s Custom Model Tools. A modeling tip of black CA and the upcoming Gecko C8 Quad MkII Early and Late models really peaked my interest! Even the ICM Tarhe would be tempting if I didn’t have to sell both kidneys for the HpH Gigant! At least I wasn’t tempted by the Bond Bug or the Splatter Tool.
  8. Of course, there were a few more that I don’t generally listen to but hey, a guy has to actually model sometime.

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