2022 The Year In Review

My Model Sphere and Podcast reviews. It’s that time of the year when a pragmatic review is in order, both from the bench and of my online reviews.

Models In The Case (finished models). I finished the ACH-47A Chinook Gunship, the “Night Patrol” Walnut Challenge Group Build, and the M3 Stuart with base. Finishing the Stuart was a miracle in and of itself since it was suppose to incorporate the Verlinden Honey conversion. Pfffft. Also, the OV-10A technically was last year’s model but bled over into 2022 as it needed a few final touch ups.

On My Bench (stuff not finished). Mahila, Necrons, UltraMarines, Cruel Seas boats, BattleMechs and of course, Friedrich. While the former are in various stages Friedrich is nearly finished so who knows, maybe he’ll move up into the finished category by year’s end.

Modeling Adjacent. Shows and road trips consisted of taking in the Airshow at Fairchild AFB, entering models at the Palouse Area Modeler Show and displaying at the Clarkston VFW. Warhammer 40k, Memoir ’44, Cruel Seas, Bolt Action and BattleTech also managed to claim a bit of my time. Additional road trips to Seattle’s Museum of Flight and Spokane’s Historic Flight Foundation rounded out my 2022 modeling year. More than I thought, less than I hoped but the clock gets reset January 1st 🙂

Podcasts: the year in review. In the past year I posted 111 podcast reviews (3897 views by 1662 visitors). The most viewed review (106 views) was a roundup of several podcasts posted on 10/6/2022. Podcasts reviewed included the Scale Model Podcast, Plastic Posse Podcast, ModelGeeks’ Podcast, On The Bench, Plastic Model Mojo, Just Making Conversation, Models From Ukraine and the Sprue Cutters Union Podcast. Honorable mentions (inconsistently reviewed) went to Small Subjects, Built Sideways and the Modeling Miscreants Podcast. There were many more added as the year progressed and now the airwaves seem inundated with modeling podcasts of all sorts. December’s eight main podcasts (during which I decided to take a sabbatical) clocked in at over 22 hrs of listening time. Modeling content during the year at times was repetitive between the podcasts yet the overall flavor ranged from informative, conversational to “cover your ears” and check your asbestos underwear 😉 One major disappointment for me was the increase in sponsorship (advertisers) of the various podcasts that went from negligible to many, if not all, retaining at least two or more sponsors. The additional donations via patreon supporters is starting to make them seem more a commercial venture than a labor of love.

That said, my overall favorite was On The Bench, least favorite Built Sideways and most thought provoking the Sprue Cutters Union podcast.

There you have it. So long to 2002, and hello to 2023! Maybe the reviews will continue, maybe not. Cheers!


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