Plastic Model Mojo Ep77

“Let’s be Clear”

Mews from My Bench. The 1:48 Armory Fairey Flycatcher showed up on my doorstep today all the way from Ukraine! Looking through the kit I found PE, color schemes for four aircraft off the HMS Hermes, one off the HMS Furious and one off the HMS Glorious and 3D printed engine parts in addition to the usual plastic parts. To be fair, there does appear to be a little bit of flash around the parts on the sprues but the kit was well packaged. My hat’s off to Armory Models for getting product out the door given the current war in the country.

I also did a bit of priming on some fiddly bits for Friedrich, a couple of Necrons and a BattleTech Locust and Thunderbolt I ordered off Model Mini Studio on Etsy. Mahilda also was primed and zenithal shaded. Both the Fairey Flycatcher and Mahilda will be outside of my comfort zone but I looking forward to the challenges they represent.

Plastic Model Mojo Ep77 (11/17/2022) “Let’s Be Clear”

Digger Dave and the Kaiser add “Weather with Julian on the 11s” to their soon to be syndicated morning model show. Check your local listings!

Dave and Mike start off by recounting stuff in their model sphere, identify modeling fluids and run through a bunch of listener emails. A request for an OSU2 Kingfisher model recommendation, a F-35A model goes yawn to fav, wheat vs weed beer and peanut butter whiskey redux are but a few emails covered before getting to the special segment with Dr. Strangebrush. As always, this segment is top notch as Mike and mostly Dave chat with John Miller (aka Dr. Strangebrush) from Model Paint Solutions about clear parts, primarily canopies. They cover getting the part off the sprue gate, what can be fixed/can’t be fixed, getting rid of static electricity and how to deal with 1) small scratches, 2) deeper scratches and 3) scratches that hurt! The doctor also goes into defining the “abrasive spectrum” and how and when to use them. Clear coatings and masking canopies are touched on briefly (three masking articles can be found under the Paint Booth/Guides section of the Model Paint Solutions website) while attaching the canopy and filling gaps between canopy and model finish up this information jam-packed segment.

An excellent episode for anyone who wants to get better at all things canopies.

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers


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