Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep35

“Dirtbikes and Douchebags”

Mews On and Off My Bench. Today I worked on the 1:144 GWH Gigant Me-323 and applied both a pin wash and installed all the windows. Initially, I was unsure if I wanted to use the light grey or black panel line accent against the interior so I tested a small area in the back of the fuselage where it wouldn’t show. The black was definitely the better choice but I ended up applying it like a wash and then running over the ribs with an enamel thinner cotton bud. That seemed to do the trick so I moved on to putting in the clear parts. They went in fairly easily and I was impressed that GWH even thought to mold in raised ribs where appropriate. I mean, the windows were barely 2x3mm but they look good. Hopefully, I’ll need to remember to paint the ribs before closing up the two halves.

My modeling adjacent activity. I stopped around to Da M0mma’s Boyz Clubhouse this past Friday evening and watched a battle between elves and dwarves (fireslayers). I am very impressed with many of the club members that play here and the detail they put into their pieces. The whole Warhammer 40k universe is still a mystery to me but I can really get into the figure painting aspect.

Sprue Cutters’ Union Podcast Ep35 (1/3/2022). Berrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng! That’s my imitation of Tracy’s dirt bike sound effect. Classic and spot on! Okay, I think he was having a bit of good-natured fun at Will’s expense in this episode. The episode gets off to a good start (pun intended) with the Stuff they’ve been up to off and on the bench. Will gives a ‘Braille Scale Stang’ update (translation: Moosaroo Cup 1:72 P-51 Mustang build), Chris sent the Models For Ukraine Vol 2 off to the printers and Tracy divulged his secret hull red formula! Talk eventually turned to Burrs Under the Saddle from Tracy.

Burr #1: The Cost of Things. Or rather the constant complaining of price gouging by model kit manufacturers, eg. Border Models’ Lancaster. What folks fail to remember is the history of the model molds and all that was involved from the Wingnuts Wings fiasco to Border Models acquiring them. The upshot is we, the end consumer, have no idea of the business decisions involved in pricing kits.

Burr#2: Being told what one can discuss or not discuss online. This burr eventually led to a recent Halloween Meme making the rounds in various modeling groups that spiraled into a discussion on “rivet counters” being used as a slur to put down detailed oriented modelers.

Mail. Topics ranged from filling panel lines on Mustang wings, Gold-Silver-Bronze and score sheets used at the Modelpalooza 2022 Show in FL, Will’s unrelenting promotion of displaying model aircraft in flight 😉 and a missive from the venerable St Paul.

Interview with John “Spud” Murphy. This interview was easy to listen to, fun and entertaining. I don’t know why but interviews have never been my favorite part of model podcasts but if they are all of this quality then I’m a changed person! Spud relates how he got into modeling, choosing models over dirt bikes (motocross) and experiences as an editor of a modeling magazine. Throughout the interview we get a sense of his love of armor, various techniques on how he models them and his secret ingredient for mud.

Sit down at the bench, pop in your ear buds and give a listen!

Butt Crumbles 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Whiskers


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