ModelGeeks Podcast Ep41

“Modeling an Icon” – Interview with Spencer Pollard.

As you can see, my canning moved on to Dilly Carrots. Hey, the are delicious and necessitated a trip to the local farmer’s market. And I’m not sharing.

The ModelGeeks Podcast Ep 41. The Geeks cover their usual gamut of topics including What’s on the bench, 2023 Nats, MiG Killer GB, Mail Call, New Kits, What’ja Buy, Hobby Shop Shoutouts, Tool & Tip and of course, the interview with Spencer Pollard. I enjoyed this episode and especially want to compliment Nemo on his recent “Kate” build. I thought the tan undercoat looked sweet but the finished model – absolutely gorgeous! I also liked the Tip & Tool of the Week. I’ve been using my Army Painter Wet Palette for a while and concur it’s da bomb! I was surprised to hear the Academy A-10 mentioned and remembered that sent me a free A-10 Electronics resin kit when I order folding wing hinges for my Hasegawa S2F Tracker. I really need to get back to that one. Any interview with Spencer Pollard is amazing and this one is no different. I had to laugh at his paint bottle accumulation story. I could really identify. In the interview he talks about his new book ‘Spitfire: Modeling an Icon‘ and future books.

Not surprising, most of the shows mentioned and shoutouts are very east coast centric and given this is where they are it’s not surprising. So, if you’re within spitting distance of the Southern Maryland/Washington DC area check out the shows and shops mentioned but if you’re looking for a new and exciting place to go, let me invite you to North Central Idaho where we have real mountains, wildfires and a model show Oct 1st 😉

Overall, the episode is a good one. Give it a listen.

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